Stay Jiggy Lyrics By Kida Kudz

Stay Jiggy Lyrics By Kida Kudz 

Ah, didi keke, dididi ke

Didi keke, dididi ke

JBFC for life

You understand


Jiggy boys

Strictly for the members

No matter how the condition, you gat to stay jiggy, you understand?

Ayy, ayy, ayy

In the bedroom, I put my Best

When we nackin', never confess

Pussy's so good out to confess

She say bad girl, no one can test

She love nackin', no make her rest

I love big yansh, I love big breast

E sat patcan under her skirt

NBG, no, I gat no belt

Never comin' back, stay jiggy

On a lockdown, still busy

Unstoppable like Rizzy

I'ma like a burn like CD

Let me live my life, stay jiggy

Devil conjure, no shege

No go send me nonsense

Me no get no sense

I'm a blockhead line, stay jiggy

Omo, bring that, bring that beat

Bring that beat back, bring that beat back

Ayy, ayy, ayy

Baby girl, you're too needy

How to tell her, stay jiggy

Wanna fuck me all night

All she want is long pipe

Better get your freaky like Missy

Rule number one, stay jiggy

I'ma take your girl, no biggy

How to give her one time

WhatsApp I was online

I reply back, stay jiggy!