U Madt Freestyle Lyrics By Burna Boy

U Madt Freestyle Lyrics By Burna Boy

You're mad

You're, you're, you're mad

Me say you're mad why

Yes I know my lyrics is dribble

Man, I freestyle me no have time for no pen and pattern scribble

How many times I sing your girl come to the club and wiggle

And she come gimme love a little

I'm man, I pretend to her a little little

When I come for drive in my car, I'm passing her

She's hopping down me car, I'm go with her

When she bends over sitting like a tiger

Yo, back to the basic fact

You're just rat

My fat to five are gone club

My real Gs are idiots

I'ma no say your girlfriend hot

Some are coming in thinking crab

I'm no taking like but a crab, crab

I'ma know say mine coming at me just exciting

And, and see the girl dem giving me inviting

Statement of the fact that I'm liking, liking, liking

Have a spear like a viking

Paparazzi everywhere when you see me arriving

And they want to know what I'm wearing or car I'm driving

They don't even give a fuck of how the 

way I'm surviving

So what I go strike them like thunder and lightening

Yo, I'ma go back to the lighter fact

Understand me sing writing that

No, nobody is writing that

Fight me then I'm fighting back

I know that I might react

Bring me into the yes contract

And I'm like no I'm not signing that

Call me your favorite artist all you want but I'm still not designing that bullshit

That's what we did Picasso define it as

You're mad

Don't close your eyes, there's enough comment on love when you smile

Feel for them...