Top 1000 Gen Z Unique Modern Trendy Igbo Names For Baby Boys & Girls

The Igbo people are an ethnic group in South East Nigeria found mainly in Abia, Anambra,Ebonyi,Enugu and Imo States. 

Igbos are the most travelled Ethnic group in Nigeria and one of the most educated tribe in Nigeria,there is a significant population of Igbos in Countries such as 

Cameroon,Gabon,Equatorial Guinea,UK and the USA.

The Igbo ethnic group fought against the Nigerian government in a civil war which is  also called the Biafran War of July 1967 to January 1970 which was caused by the attempted secession of the southeastern states of Nigeria as the self-proclaimed Republic of Biafra.

The war ended in 1970,the Igbo’s received 

£20 per adult bank account holder in exchange for their savings,no matter the amount they had in their Nigerian bank account before the war.

The Igbo’s gradually rebuilt over a period of years and became successful business owners and entrepreneurs,in 2021 Harvard Business Review approved the Igbo Apprenticeship System (IAS) which aim to study The success of the Igbo Apprenticeship System.

Southeast Nigeria is the most balanced and economically stable part of Nigeria with the least hunger and economic stress on the citizens.

The Igbos are predominantly Christians mostly Roman Catholic,before the adoption of Christianity the Igbo’s believe in a benevolent creator known as ‘Chukwu’ who created the universe called ‘uwa’,there is no concept of a gender type such as ‘man’ or ‘woman’ associated with the supreme deity Chukwu.

The Igbo’s also believe that each person has their own personal god ‘Chi’ which is credited for an individual's fortune or misfortune.

Fast forward to this present era of social media,the Gen Z generation currently see being from the Igbo Ethnic group as being a ‘big flex’,this article contain some lovely Unique Igbo baby names for Igbo baby boys and girls in Alphabetical order,let’s check it out real quick!

Top 1000 Gen Z Unique Modern Trendy Igbo Names For Baby Boys And Girls In Alphabetical Order 

Selected Néw Gen Z Trendy Igbo Names For Baby Boys And Girls In Alphabetical Order 

Zikoranachimdimma. Show the world that my God is good,Zik for short

Chimkasinma. My God is the best,Kassie or Cassie for short

Mmasinachi. Beauty comes from God

Omasinachinamgabiauwa. It has finally pleased God that I will come to the world,Omasinachi for short

Zimchikachim. Show me the god greater than my God,Zim for Short

Zioraifechukwu. Show people how to worship God,Ziora for short

Chimnalurumogu. My God fights for me

Chisombili. God lives with me 

Chimkamharida. God Let me not fall,Ridah for short

Utouwasinachukwu. Good days on earth come from God

Chimerika. My God is BIG

Chimebuka. My God is BIG

Ikemdinachi. My Power is in God

Chimhurumnaya. My God loves me 

Egosinachi. Money comes from God

Chimamanda. My God never fails,Amanda for short

Chidiuto. God is sweet

Chimsimdindu. God said I should live

Yagazie. Let it go well,Yaga for short

Ganiru. Move forward / Progress

Akaraugo. Mark of an Eagle

Ezeaputa. The king has come 

Adimchinaka. Am in God’s hands

Dioranma. Pleasant to people 

Kanyimarachi. Let us all know God

Kaobimdi. How my heart is

Omalichachi. Beautiful God

Chibiyelum. God live with me

Dabeluchi. Lean on God

Kosaluchukwu. Tell God

Chimdiogo. God is pleasant / kind

Chisimdi. God said I should live,Simdi for short

Chimbusomma. My God is beautiful 

Ginikachukwu. What is greater than God?

Biyelum. Live with me

Chimazuru. God knows all

Akuabata. Wealth has come

Nkemchoro. What I want 

Odiwonma. It is well

Isioma. Good tidings

Chukwuzobam. God save me

Kosisochukwu. How it pleases God

Kainenechukwu. Let’s keep looking on to God

Sochikaima. We only know God

Obeleagu. Small Lion / Lion cub

Kamsiyochukwu. How I asked God

Kambili. Let me live

Mkpurumma. Seed of beauty

Ifedinma. Good thing 

Nwadinma. Good child

Nnedinma. Good mother 

Ihudiya. Face of the husband

Iheomachi. Good things from God

Ihuoma. Good face

Chukwudumebi. God lives with me,Dumebi for short 

Jidenna. Hold on to the father 

Soromtochukwu. Praise God with me,Tochukwu for short

Ozoemena. Never again

Nwanyibuife. Woman is something 

Chiezugolum. God is enough 

Somadina. Let me not be alone

Lotanna. Remember the father 

Nduka-aku. Life is greater than wealth 

Chinaeleobi. God that looks at the heart

Ugwụmsinachi. My pride come from God

Enyichukwu. Gods friend

Olanma. Preety one

Chimuaya. God is awake

Chimbuife. God is something 

Chiziterem. God sent me

Chikaodinaka. It’s in God’s hand 

Chikadibia. God is greater than a native doctor 

Echezonam. Don’t forget me

Chikanma. It’s God I know 

Egodi. There is money

Utokanandu. Enjoyment is better when alive 

Chukwumaobim. God knows my heart 

Nwakaibeya. A child greater than his peers

Nwando. A child brings peace of mind

Obidiya. Husbands heart 

Daberechi. Lean on God

Nnamdi. My father lives

Chimdi. God is present

Kanyitochukwu. Let’s praise God

Kamnmarachi. Let me know God

Chimuaya. God is Awake

Chimkalifa. God is bigger than them,Kalifa for short

Chinazaekpere. God answers prayers

Utonwa. Sweet child

Kaobimdi. How my heart is 

Chiweuba. God owns wealth 

Golibe. Enjoy

Chukwudumuaga. God leads me 

Obialunanma. Came with good tidings 

Omasirim. It concerns me

Olaedo. Gold

Onyedikachukwu. Who is like God?

Mmesomachukwu. Gods blessings 

Nkeoma. Good thing

Kamsiyochukwu. How i asked God

Other Lovely Igbo Names For Baby Boys And Girls In Alphabetical Order

Anyaọmachi. The good eyes of God

Adaeze. Daughter of a king

Akachukwu. The hand of God

Akụnnịa. Her father's wealth

Adaobi. The daughter of a king

Akụmbunahụ. The wealth on me

Aṅụrịka. Happiness is the greatest

Akụibe. Joint wealth

Akụsinachi. Wealth is from God

Ahizechuckwu. If not God

Anele. Let's be looking

Adakụ. Daughter of wealth

Atụanyachukwu. God's wonders

Adannịa. Her father's daughter

Amaka. Beauty

Agụnwa. Leopards child

Amarachi. God's grace

Amaechi. Who knows tomorrow

Akụnesiobiike. Wealth strengthens the heart

Adaugo. Daughter of an eagle

Adamma. Daughter of beauty

Azụka. The past is the greatest

Azụbuike. The past is strength

Anwụanwụ. One that does not die

Amadi. Freeborn

Amuchechukwu. Who knows the mind of God?

Akarandụ. Mark for life

Akaraọma. Good mark

Amaobi. The heart is unknown

Amadianaeze. No one knows the enemy to avoid

Amaogechi. God's time is unknown

Asọanya. Fearless

Adaolisa. God's daughter

Akwaugo. Eagle's egg

Ahamefuna. May my name not lost

Abuchi (from mmadụabụchi). Man is not God

Akọbụndụ. Wisdom is life

Akụbuzọ. Wealth is the first

Akụbụndụ. Wealth is life

Akụezuoke. Wealth is not complete

Alakachukwu. God's branch

Anozie. The one that stay

Abụọma. Psalms

Agbara. Power and strength 

Akụabata. Wealth has come

Akụudo. Peaceful wealth

Akụchinyere. The wealth God gives

Akụezuo. Wealth is complete

Adaora. Daughter of all

Adadịọramma. The daughter pleasant to all

Amanda (from Chimamanda) God never fails

Adịole. How many are we?

Besarachi. Cry unto God

Beluolisa. If not God

Beluchi. If not God

Belusọchukwu. If not for God

Bụnkechi. Belongs to God

Benyelum. Live/stay with me

Binyerechi. Stay with God

Beluọnwụ. If not for death

Bụsarachi. Sing unto God

Bịaduom. Come and lead me

Bịanụrụ. Come and hear

Buchi. Is God

Birinachi. Live in God

Bieọnụma. End grief

Bekuechi. Cry unto God

Bụsọmma. Very pretty/ handsome

Bụmma. Pretty/ handsome

Bomndụ. Crown me life

Bụrụisiomma. Be a good leader

Bụsọchi. It is only God

Bamiuwa. Get to the heart of the earth

Bekee. A flawless entity

Bụsọndụ. Full of life

Chibụeze. God is king

Chimakpam. God knows my needs

Chibụnna. God is father

Chibụudo. God is peace

Chibụndụm. God is my life

Chibụndụ. God is life 

Chidịndụ. God is alive 

Chijindụ. God holds life

Chukwujindụ. God holds life 

Chinwendụ. God owns life

Chikamso. It is God I follow

Chikanyịmma. It's God we know

Chukwuebuka. God is big

Chisom. God follows me

Chidum. God leads me

Chukwuma. God knows

Chijide. God holds

Chidimma. God is good

Chiasọka. God is sweet

Chidiụtọ. God is sweet

Chidịusọ. God is sweet

Chika. God is the greatest

Chiọma. Good God

Chinyereakụ. God gives wealth

Chinyereudo. God gives peace

Chinyerem (chi nyere m). God gives me

Chinmyerem (chi m nyere m). My God gives me

Chieloka. God thought of

Chiukwu. Big God

Chukwu. Big God

Chinweoke. God owns the share

Chibụokem. God is my inheritance

Chima. God knows

Chimma. Beautiful God

Chiamaka. God is beautiful

Chizọba. May God keep saving

Chiagọzie. God has blessed

Chikezie. May God recreate

Chimezie. May God amend

Chinonso. God is near

Chikadibịa. God is greater than doctor

Chikamma (chi ka m ma) Is God I know

Chikamma (chi ka mma). God is the best

Chikasienu. God is the highest

Chinenye. God gives

Chinenyenwa. God gives child

Chinaecherem. God thinks for me

Chiaghanam. May God not leave me

Chimsomaga. My God goes with me

Chinaza. God answers

Chinazọ. God delivers

Chinazaekpere. God answers prayer

Chinuarụmọgụ. May God fight for me

Chinua. May God fight

Chinụrụolum. May God hear my plea

Chigboromọgụ. May God stop my fight 

Chigbo. May God stop my fight

Chidera. What God has written

Chinweụba. God owns wealth

Chinweakụ. God owns wealth

Chizụrụm. God raised me

Chizọrọm. God delivered me

Chizaram. God answered me

Chielotalam. God has remembered me

Chielota. God has remembered

Chilotalam. God remembered me

Chilota. God remember

Chimaoge. God knows the time

Chinemerem. God does for me

Chinemeọgọ. God does kindness

Chikamdabere. In God I rely on

Chijioke. God holds the inheritance

Chijiokem. God holds my inheritance

Chinwetalụ. God brings

Chiarụtụanya. The God you can not see or the invisible God 

Chizọkam. God really delivered me.

Chiemeka. God has done well 

Chidalụ. God thank you 

Chimuche. God knows the mind 

Chimaobi. God knows the heart 

Chiemerie. God has won 

Chikeleze. God made king

Chimereze. God made king

Chinaemeze. God makes king

Chinaewubeze. God makes king 

Chukwuka. God is the greatest 

Chinedu. God leads 

Chibụugo. God is my worth

Chimarụmma. Beautiful God 

Chike. God of might 

Chineke. God of creation 

Chinkem. My own God 

Chigọzie. May God bless


Chinọnye. May God stay 

Chinọnyerem. God stays with me 

Chiadịka. God is good 

Chikaọdịrị. It is up to God 

Chinjika. The God I hold is the greatest 

Chiduru. God lead 

Chinwa. God of child 

Chinelo. God thinks about me 

Chidiomimi. Mysterious God 

Chinwaogbenye. God of the poor 

Chinwenwa. God owns children 

Chiobim. God of my heart 

Chiomihe. God that does wonders 

Chinweze. God owns king 

Chukwueze. God king 

Chukwubụeze. God is king 

China. God receives 

Chinara. May God receive

Chuma. God knows 

Chuka. God of might 

Chibụike. God is strength 

Chinyeaka. May God help 

Chinagọrọm. God prays for me

Chimụanya. God's eye's are open 

Chichekwa. May God protect 

Chiemeka. God did well 

Chileta. God behold 

Chidiebere. God is merciful 

Chidi. God is in existence 

Chidiile. God is real

Chibude. God is fame

Chisịmdị. God ask me to live 

Chukwujekwu. God will speak 

Chikereụba. God creates wealth 

Chiezugo. God is enough 

Chiduziem. May God direct me

Chukwuezie. God has sent 

Chibụnwanne. God is my sibling 

Chiagharam. May God not leave me 

Chisombili. God lives with me

Chidiebube. God is glorious 

Chikeremma. God creates beauty 

Chizuruoke. God is complete 

Chibundom. God is my shelter 

Chizobem. God hide me 

Chiemela. God has done 

Chikaọsọrọ. God that let's 

Chimdozirim. My God arranged me. 

Chikwuru. God says 

Chimmeri. God of victory

Chianyịdịmma. Our God is good 

Chibụaṅụrị. God is happiness 

Chikamike. God is greater than my strength 

Chikpeọma. God of justice 

Chidịnsọ. God is holy 

Chimdịnsọ. My God is holy 

Chibụifem. God is my light 

Chibụihem. God is my light 

Chibụọgwụm. God is my charm 

Chibụnsọm. God is my holiness 

Chibụugwum. God is my dignity 

Chibụotu. God is one

Chiedochie. God has replaced 

Chekwube. Hope in

Chetachi. Remember God

Cherechi. Wait on God

Chelụchi. Wait on god 

Chetanna. Remember father (God) 

Chekwasichi. Wait on God 

Chekwudochi. Wait on God

Chebem. Protect me

Dibịa. Doctor 

Dalụchi. Thank God 

Diarachukwundụ. Live for God 

Dumbiri. Stay with me

Dumetochukwu. Praise God with me

Dumkenechi. Praise God with me 

Dubem. Lead me 

Dalụnna. Thank you father

Dibugo. Husband is woman's glory 

Diji. Master in cultivating and harvesting yam

Dikeọgụ. War hero 

Dịlịibe. Live for others 

Dịrịibe. Live for others 

Dozie. One who repairs or rebuilds 

Duru. Master 

Dabelem. Lean on me

Daberụchi. Lean on God 

Daberechi. Lean on God

Daberenachi. Lean on God 

Dimgba. Master in wrestling 

Dịnyelum. Be with me

Diebere. Is merciful 

Dịndụ. Is alive

Durudike. Master of strength 

Duruọha. Leader of the people 

Duruewuru. Master has come to be

Durụba. Master of wealth 

Duruosimiri. Master of sea

Dumebi. Living with me

Dumbiri. Live with me

Duruakụ. Master of wealth 

Dike. Master of strength 

Dimọgụ. Master of fight

Dịụtọ. Very sweet 

Eze. King

Ezedịmma. The good king

Ezedịmbụ. There was a king

Ezeani. King of the land

Ezedịugwu. Kingship is reverend

Ezekwesịrị. Kingship is worth it

Ezechukwu. God king

Ezeude. King of fame

Ezekaugo. The king greater than an eagle

Ezebiri. May king live.

Ezesinachi. Kingship is from God

Ezeasịkaọbịa. The king excepted to come

Ezeebunafọ. The unborn king

Ebere. Mercy

Eke. Eke market day

Eke. Creator

Echezọnachukwu. Do not forget God

Ezeakọnobi. May king not be found wanting in the palace

Ezike (Ezi ike). Good power

Ezeike. Powerful king

Ezinne. Good mother

Ezinwanne. Good relation

Ezikeanyị (Eze ike anyị) The king is our strength

Ebuka. Big God

Ekwueme. One who does what he says

Enyi. Friend

Enyi. Elephant

Ezenwaanyị. Name mostly for female native doctor. Meaning woman king

Enyinnịa. His father's friend

Elochukwu. God's plan

Ezenwa. Young king

Ezenna. Father king

Enyimba. Friend of nations

Egwú. Fear

Egwúatụ. Fearless

Ezeukwu. Big king

Ebube. Glory

Ekwunife. Do not say what you see

Ezebugwu. Kingship confers respect

Ezeji. Yam lord

Eziokwu. Truth

Eziefuna. May our lineage not go into extinction

Eziụzọ. Good way

Ezinwaanyị. Good woman

Ezinneka. Good mother is the best 

Ezimọra. The king that knows his people

Eziama. Good land

Ezi. Land, linage, community

Eziechina. May land community not go into extinction

Ezienyiamaka. A good friend is the best

Ezindụ. Good life

Ezeudo. King of peace

Eziakụ. Good wealth

Ejiọfọ. One who holds truth and justice

Ezejiọfọ. The king holds truth and justice

Ejike. We don't use our physical strength to prevail in life

Ejidike. Mighty ruler

Ejezie. Good journey

Ejimọnụ. I am with words

Ejimọfọ. I hold truth and justice

Ejiọgụ. One that holds fight

Ejiole. How many people do I owe

Ejimchi. God is my anchor

Ejimnkeonye. Who are my owning?

Ejekam. I have gone around

Echeazụ. Never thinking about the past

Echeta. In memory of

Echebendụ. Thinking of life

Echendụ. Not thinking of life

Echidime. Tomorrow is unknown

Echicheọma. Good thought

Echezinachukwu. Stop waiting upon God

Echiluemeze. I have be crowned king

Echezie. Think well

Echekwu. Waiting upon

Echetanna. Father has been remembered

Echegịnị. Thinking about what

Echedom. Protecting me

Echika. Tomorrow is the best

Ebelenna. Father's compassion

Ebereegbunam. May being kind never work against me

Ebigbo. Something that never ends

Eboegbunam. May my king's men not kill me

Ebenebe. Ebenebe is a big tree that is undaunted by the power of great wind.

Ebubemmụọnsọ. The glory of the holy spirit

Eboechina. May my community never end

Egenti. One that never listen to gossip

Ebunam. Do not carry me

Eberendụ. Life compassion

Ebubedike. The glory of a mighty one

Ebubeze. King's glory

Ebiliekwe. To live together involves agreement

Ebighiebi. Everlasting

Ebubeagụ. The glory of the leopard

Ebisike. Living strong

Ebosie. Do not accuse me falsely

Ebebe. World without end

Ebeku. Call upon

Ebeanọ. Authentic

Emọdị (eme ọ dị) One reaps what he sows

Emenike. Not by one's strength

Emerie. Has won

Emecheta. One that remembers all the good and evil done to him

Emenanjọ. Do not comment sin

Emeka. God has done well

Emerem. God is doing it for me

Emeruem. I have attained the highest height

Emeribe. What wrong have I done to my neighbors

Emereonye. Who have I offended

Emereọha. One that help others

Emole. What can I do to please the world

Elemma. A beauty to behold

Ekeọma. Well created being

Ekene. Thankfulness

Ekele. Thankfulness

Ekemma. Beautiful woman born on Eke market day

Ekennịa. The creative work of his father

Ekenna. Father's creative work

Ekechi. Divine providence

Ekpere. Prayer

Ekpereamaka. Prayer is rewarding

Ekperebụikem. Prayer is my strength

Ekedimma. The creator is good

Ekwedike. The drum of a brave man calms the community

Ekwensu. Devil

Ekejiụba. The creator owns wealth

Ekeanyanwụ. Creator of the sun

Ekwomchi. I have confidence in God

Ekwommadụ. My confidence is on man

Eleanya. I expectation is from God

Ekwesirike. Strong trust

Ekejiekpe. The creator holds the will

Ekenta. Small creator

Ekenta. Small Eke market day

Ekweọnụ. The reliance on the power of spoken word

Ekweremmadụ. Not by one's wish but by God's divine provision

Ekedum. Creator of all

Ekejindụ. The creator holds life

Edozie. One that rebuilds

Efuna. Never loss

Edochie. A replacement or successor

Ede. Source of water fountain

Edeani. The source of water fountain

Edoka. Owner of landed property is greater

Ezegbunam. May the not kill me

Egbunọnụ. Let me speak my mind

Ego. Money

Egoakọnam. May I never be broke

Egodi. There is money

Egenti. One that does not listen to gossip

Egwúatụọnwụ. Death is fearless

Eririmma. Beautiful lineage

Enyeribe. What is given to neighbors

Ezeigbo. Igbo king

Fechi. Worship God

Fechukwu. Worship God

Fenna. Worship God

Febechukwu. Keep worshipping God

Febechi. Keep worshiping God

Feziechi. You can now worship God

Fesọchukwu. Worship only God

Fumnanya. Love me

Felugo. Fly like the eagle

Feolisa. Worship God

Ganiru. Make progress

Gọzie. Bless

Gọzirim. Blessed me

Gochi (ugo chi) God's glory

Gbuzue. Kill completely

Gburugburu. Completeness

Gbasochi. Run to God

Gbarasorochi. Run unto God

Gịnịkachi. What's greater than God

Gwamniru. Talk to my face

Gwachi. Tell God

Gbajie. Break in pieces

Hapụrụchi. Leave it to God

Haarachi. Leave it to God

Haaraolisa. Leave it to God

Hapụrụchukwu. Leave it to God

Haarachukwu. Leave it to God

Hapụrụnna. Leave it to God

Hapụchaa. Leave it all

Harụnna. Leave it to God

Hamaka. Leave me alone

Ibe. Neighbor, people 

Ibemesi. May neighbors stop their evil act against me

Ibeabụchi. Neighbors or people are not God 

Ibeawụchi. Neighbors or people are not God

Ibealụgbulam. May my neighbors not destroy me

Ibekwe. My people have agreed 

Ibeto. One's neighbors do not praise or admire him

Ibeakamma. Neighbors are not greater than each other 

Ibenezim. Neighbors are teaching me

Ibeneme. One's neigbour is evil

Ibenjọ. Bad neighbors 

Ibegbu. May one's neighbor not kill him

Ibeziakọ. One learns from his neighbor's experience and gain wisdom. Good neigbour teaches good 

Ibeechezọ. One never forgets his neighbor or neighbors never forget 

Ibeanụ. One's fame is known by his own neighbor 

Ibeagha. May my neighbors not abandon me

Ibeaghanam. May my neighbors not abandon me

Ibezim. My neighbors taught me 

Ibenegbu. Neighbors can kill

Ibelegbu. Neighbors can kill

Ibeakuzie. My neighbors have taught me a lesson 

Ibemere. Neighbors did

Ibebụilo. Neighbors are enemy or neighbors are in enmity 

Ibeanụsị. One's neighbor is always the first to hear things about him

Ibezute. Neighbors have meet

Ibekakụ. Good neighbor is greater than wealth 

Ibechedo. May one's neighbor be his shield 

Ibebude. One's neigbour is his fame 

Ibeasọ. One can't avoid his neighbor

Ibezimakụ. May my neighbor show me how to make wealth 

Ibezimuife. Neighbors show me the way or show me light 

Ibegwam. Neighbors tell me

Ibeakọnam. May I not lack helpers or neighbors 

Ibewuike. One's neigbour is his strength 

Ịbụchukwu. Are you God

Ịbụchim. Are you my God

Ifeadịgo. Light has come

Ifeanyichukwu. Nothing is greater than God 

Ifedịkachimakọnam. May good things like my God not elude me

Ifeọma. Good thing 

Ifeọma. Good light 

Ifeọmachim. Good thing from my God 

Ifesinachi. Light is from God 

Ihe. Light 

Ife. Light 

Ifechukwu. God's light 

Ifeakandụ. There is nothing greater than life 

Ifenyinwa. Nothing can be compared to a child 

Ịhụnanya. Love

Ịfụnanya. Love

Ifeagwụ. Inexhaustible abundance 

Ifenatụọra. What surpise people or people bewilderment 

Ifedịọramma. What pleases people 

Ifedịlị . Let there be wealth 

Ifedịabụọ. Out of two things, one must take place 

Ifenna. Father's light 

Ifeatụanya. Nothing surprises the eyes

Ifeatụ. Something exceptional 

Ifeakọnam. May I not lack wealth 

Ifesinachi. Goodness is from God 

Ifemyọrọchi. What I requested from God

Ịfụnanyachukwu. God's love 

Ifemelụdike. A great thing befall the mighty 

Ihebuche. The thought of the mind 

Ifeakọnobi. Nothing is lacking in the dynasty 

Ifedịgbo. What has been in existence 

Ifedịba. Let bygones be bygones 

Ifezue. It's complete

Ifeọnụ. What the mouth says 

Ifekammadụ. What is greater than human should not befall him

Ifeanachọ. What is highly sought after 

Iheanachọ. What is highly sought after 

Ifegwu. Fearful or terrifying something 

Ifebuka. Light is big

Ifeọmachi. God's goodness 

Ifedimma. Light is good 

Ifeanaeme. What is done

Ifeanaekwu. What is discussed constantly inspired by good news 

Ifesochi/Ifesochukwu. Light proceeds from God 

Ifeabụnike. Things are not done by one's strength or might 

Ifegazie. May all go well

Ifeudo. Something that gives peace 

Ifiọnụ. What proceed from the mouth

Ifeajegwu. What people will say

Ifewekwu. What people say

Ihedịọramma. What pleases the people or people's delight 

Ihebie. May something end

Ihechilụrụ. What God has done 

Ihechitụrụ. What God predicted 

Iheakachi. Nothing is greater than God 

Ihedịnsọ. What is holy 

Ihedịnso. What is close by

Ihejirikaibe. What makes one greater than his neighbor is child

Ihejirika. Child is the best prize

Ihedịmbụ. What has been in existence 

Ihezuorogịoke. May things go well with you 

Ihezie. One who is insensitive to criticism or insult 

Ihejiọfọ. One who holds the staff of truth and justice 

Ihunna. Father's resemblance 

Iheọmamere. Something good happened 

Ihenile. Everything 

Iheka. What is greater 

Iheke. A thing of destiny 

Iheukwumere. Something great happened 

Iheremenam. May I not be put to shame 

Ihemenam. May evil not befall me

Ihezuru. A complete thing 

Iheanyi. Nothing is greater than God

Iheụwa. A thing of the world 

Iheọma. Good light 

Iheanatu. What people have been bragging about or what is praise worthy 

Ihiechi. Because of tomorrow 

Ihendụ. Something of life

Iheriọhamma. Peoples delight 

Iheọnụnaekwu. What people say 

Ihekọrọnye. What one lacks 

Ihemnaegbu. What I kill

Ihueze. Kings resemblance 

Ihebighi. What never ends

Ihencheta. Something of remembrance 

Iheamangaọdị. Something that it's location is known 

Iheakụ. A thing of wealth 

Ihemebiri. Something spoil

Ihesineke. What comes from the creator 

Iheyirimba. What comes from foreign land 

Ihekaire. Nothing is greater than the tongue 

Ihebuzọ. What comes first 

Ijeọma. Safe journey 

Ijemma. Beautiful journey 

Ije. To travel 

Ijedi. Traveling to get married 

Ike. Strength, power 

Ikejiakụ. Power holds the wealth 

Ikekaọnwụ. The power greater than death 

Ikpeama. Uncondemable 

Ikedimma. Good power 

Ikeakachi. No power is above God 

Ikegbunam. May the mighty not kill me

Ikpechukwu. God's judgment 

Ikeọgụ. Power for fight. One armed to wage war 

Ikedum. All power 

Ikejimba. The mighty one that holds his community

Ikem. My strength 

Ikwunaeme. One's relation plans his downfall or attacks him 

Ikebụakụ. Power is wealth

Ikeabụnkem. Power does not belong to me 

Ikwunze. The family of nze. (nze title) 

Ikwueze. People from loyal family 

Ikeọma. Good power 

Ikpeazụ. The last one 

Ikwuọma. God relation 

Ikenga. A noble child 

Ikemma. God's works are beautiful 

Ikenna. God's power 

Ikenne. Mother's struggle 

Ikemba. The strength of a people 

Ikeamaka. Power is good 

Ikenta. Power of gods

Ikejianị. The powers that hold the land 

Ikeala/Ikeanị. The powers of the land 

Ikeụwa. Worlds power 

Ikodiya. Her husband's friend 

Ikeolisa. God's power 

Ikechukwu. God's power. 

Ikonnie. Mother's friend 

Ikonnịa. Father's friend

Ikwuka. Relations are the greatest 

Ikeotuonye. The power of one person 

Ikwunne. Mother's relative 

Ikwunna. Father's relatives 

Ikwubuzọ. Relatives are the first 

Ikechukwuka. God's power is the greatest 

Iro. Enemy 

Iroegbu. May my enemy not kill me

Iruọma. Favour 

Iroabụchi. Enemies are not God 

Iroagba. Hatred does not prevent another's prosperity 

Iroanya. An enemy's eyes 

Iroaganachi. The enemy can not prevent one from fulfilling his Chi's destiny 

Iroha. May the enemy let go 

Ironna. Father's enemy 

Iroanụsị. May evil not triumph over good

Iruka. The future holds the best 

Iroham. May my enemy let go of me

Iromụanya. The enemy is awake 

Irodinso. Enemies are near 

Iroadịdmma. Enemity is not good 

Ile. Efficacy 

Ilechukwu. God's efficacy 

Ilo. Enemy 

Ilodibe. The enemy within 

Iloamachi. One's destiny is not in the hands of one's enemy 

Iloghalụ. May the enemy let go 

Iwu. Law

Iwuchukwu. God's law

Iwueze. King's law 

Iwueke. The creator's law. 

Iwuọha. Community law 

Iweka. Much enemy amongst kinsmen 

Iwunze. Nobility law 

Iwudo. Law of peace 

Iwuala. Land taboos 

Iwuji. Yam taboos 

Iwuọba. Ruler's law

Iwenofu. Let anger cease

Iwuamadi. The law of the freeman 

Iwuanyanwụ. The law of the sun

Iwudike. The law of the mighty 

Iwunwa. Child's law

Iweruaka. The source of the anger can't be trace

Iwundụ. The law of life

Iwunna. Father's law 

Igbo. From Igbo tribe 

Igboanugo. The world have heard

Igwe. King 

Igwebụike. Unity is strength 

Igbokwe. May people have same agreement so that life will be easier 

Igbonekwu. The people speak 

Igboneme. The people hurts themselves 

Igwedi. There is multitude 

Igwebụeze. Multitude is loyalty 

Igwilo. An honor by one's enemy is a mockery 

Igbojimba. The people holds the community 

Isioma. Goodluck 

Izuchukwu. God's plan 

Izunna. God's plan 

Izukamma. Counsel is good 

Izuọma. Good advice or counsel 

Izuọra. People's plan 

Izuchukwugaemezu. God's plan will come to pass 

Jideọfọ. Hold truth and justice 

Jekwu. God will decide 

Jioke. God holds the share 

Jụọchi. Ask God 

Jụkwaese. Ask around about me

Jaa. God 

Jaabụikem. God is my strength 

Jaachimma. Praise God 

Kanayọ. Let's keep soliciting on God 

Kachi. As it pleases God 

Kachimsichọ. As it pleases my God 

Kaosisọ. As it pleases God 

Kọdị. It is dependends on God to answer

Kanebi. Holding on to life 

Kene/Kele. Praise God 

Kelechi. Praise God 

Kamso. I follow God 

Kambiri. Allow me to live

Kamsiyọchi. It happened as I requested from God 

Kanu. One greater than others

Kanyịma. We trust only on God 

Kasiemobi.. Comfort me

Kọsọrụchi. As it pleases God 

Kọsarachi. Report to God 

Lotenna. Remember Father/ God 

Lekwụwa. Behold the world 

Lotachi. Remember God 

Lotachukwu. Remember God 

Lotaolisa. Remember God 

Libeakụ. Enjoy life

Lebechi. Hope on God 

Lebeolisa. Look unto God 

Lebechi. Look unto God 

Madụka. Human is the greatest 

Madụabụchi. Man is not God 

Madụabụchibeya. Man is not his follow man's God 

Madụ. Human being 

Mmụọneke. Spirit shares

Mọjekwu. The gods will speak

Mozie. May spirit give direction

Mụnachimso. Me and my God moves together 

Mụkọsọrụ. It pleases me

Mụnachimdimma. Me and my God are in good terns

Modebe. The gods protect 

Mụọra. People's will or God preserves

Mọma. Spirit knows 

Mmesoọma. God's goodness 

Mmeri. Victory 

Mezie. Reconcile or God has done well 

Madụakọnam. May I not live in isolation 

Mgboji. One that gives when he has 

Mma. Beauty 

Mgbeke. A female child born on Eke market day 

Mgbafọ. A female child born on Afọ market day

Mgbeori. A female child born on Orie market day

Mgbochi. When it pleases God 

Mgbọkwọ. A female child born on Nkwo market day

Mbanugo. The people have heard 

Mbọnụ. A man of empty threat 

Mbanefo. The community increases with each dawning of the day 

Makwe. If human agree

Madụekwe. Humans don't agree

Madụeke. The power of creation does not lay in man's hand but only on God 

Madụbuisi. Human is supreme 

Madụbụeze. Man is king 

Madụbụchibeya. Man is God to his follow man

Madụbụakụ. Human is wealth 

Madụabụeke. Humans are not the creator 

Makụọchi. Embrace God 

Mmadụbụchianafụanya. Human is the God we see 

Nnenne. The mother of my mother

Nnenna. The mother of my father 

Nneka. Mother is the best 

Nneọma. Good mother 

Nkechinyere. What God has given is the best 

Nnedị/Nnedịmma. Mother is good

Nnadozie. May God make it right for me 

Nnọrọm. Stay with me 

Nnaemeka. God has down well

Nkeọma. Beautiful gift

Nkọlika. The past is gone. I will live to reap the benefits of my labour 

Nnamezie. May father/God answer me and do what I requested of Him 

Ngọzi. Blessing 

Ngọzichukwu/Ngọzichi. God's blessing 

Nkiru. The future is brighter 

Ndidiamaka. Patience is good 

Nchedochukwu. God's protection 

Nchedonna. Father's protection 

Nchedo. Protection 

Ndidikamma. Patience is the best 

Ndidi. Patience

Ndidika. Patience is the greatest 

Nkemdilim. Let mine be mine

Ndụka. Life is supreme 

Ndụbuisi. Life is the principal thing 

Nkedịnirukamma. The future is the best 

Nkemdịrịm. Let mine be mine

Nkem. My own

Ndụ. Life 

Ndụbụeze. Life is king 

Ndụkakụ. Life is greater than wealth 

Ndụkwe. If life permits, one will make progress 

Ndụsinachi. Life comes from God 

Nebeolisa. Look unto God 

Negidechi. Keep your gaze on God 

Nebo. Mother is supreme 

Ngene/Ngele. Someone dedicated to water goddess 

Ngige. A controversial person. One protected from harm 

Ngọzika. God's blessing is the greatest 

Ngọzichukwuka. God's blessing is the greatest 

Ngwube.Ngwu is a diety. Ngwube is a child preserved by Ngwu deity 

Nkemjiaka. What I held unto is the best. My hardwork is reassuring 

Njikọkamma. Unity is supreme 

Njọkụ. An influential and successful yam farmer 

Nkasiobi. May the heart be comforted 

Nkeakọnam. May that which belong to me never elude me

Nkemdiche. My own is different 

Nnaeto. Father has praised 

Nnanoruo. May father remain

Nkwọ. Nkwọ market day with good tidings. 

Nlemigbo. A child born in a very dangerous situation / environment 

Nna. Father, God 

Nnabuchi. My father is the God I see

Nnabudo. Father is peace 

Nnabude. Father is fame 

Nnamchi. My father is the God I see

Nnabụenyi. A great and powerful man

Nnabụgwu. Father is the source of one's honor 

Nnabugo. Father is source of glory

Nnabụihe. One's father is his light 

Nnaji. God holds justice 

Nnajiọfọ. God holds justice 

Nnaadị. One who protects, support, and advocate for an expert 

Nnadị. God is alive

Nnabụikem. My father is my strength or the source of my inspiration 

Namefuna. May my father's name not go into extinction 

Nnaọma. Good father


Nneamaka. Motherhood is good

Nnemeka. Caring mother 

Nonye. Abide with me

Nonyerem. Abide with me

Nonso. God is near

Nosike. Be steadfast 

Nsọfọ . Respect for truth and justice 

Nwabeke. A name given to a child born during the early coming of Europeans 

Nwakanwa. A special child

Nwaọma. Good child 

Nwanna. Father's child

Nwannedịụkọ. Good relations are not often seen. They are rare

Nwakaego. Child is greater than money 

Nwakaakụ. Child is greater than wealth 

Nwadịndụ. May child live

Nwaugo. A child of worth/value 

Nwaebube. Child of glory 

Nwaugwu. A child of dignity 

Nwachimereze. A child God crown king

Nwaalọta. Child has finally come into the family 

Nwabịaruo. Child has arrived 

Nwachukwu. God's child 

Nwachinyereugo. A child God gives worth 

Nwaebuka. Child is the Biggest 

Nwakaukwu. Child is the greatest

Nwanze. Son of nze title holder or son of a chief

Nwaadị. There is child 

Nwakụ. A child of wealth 

Nwabụikem. Children are my inheritance 

Nwabụikem. The child I call my own 

Nwadịọgọ. Child is goodness. A child is beautiful 

Nwachi. Child of God 

Nwa ji akụ. Child holds wealth

Nwajụrụm. Child refuse to come in my household

Nwakọrọm. I'm in need of child or I am childless 

Nwaọgọ. A benevolent child 

Nwamma. Beautiful child 

Nwaanyịmma. Beautiful woman 

Nwabugwu. Child accords respect or dignity 

Nwabugo. One's child is his worth 

Nwabude. Child is fame 

Nwadike. A child of a worrior

Nwajụrụmobi. May child soothe my soul 

Nwajụọ. May child soothe my soul 

Nwarie. A child born to enjoy wealth 

Nwagbara. A child from agbara goddess (agbara is goddess of fertility) 

Nwagbo/Nwagbue. The child that settled a conflict 

Nwadibia. Habalist, healer

Nwadịụsọ. Child is sweet. Child gladdens the heart

Nwadịmma. Child is good 

Nwamaradị. A graceful child 

Nwamaradị. Child of grace 

Nwamarabịa. The arrival of a child brings good thing 

Nwachinaemere. A child that God helps

Nwadịụkọ. There is child scarcity 

Nwabuba. A child that comes with wealth 

Nwabịaranụba. A child that comes in the time of wealth 

Nwabịaranuju. A child that comes in the time of abundance 

Nwadiukwu. Child is great 

Nwadibu. Child has been in existence 

Nwadozie. Child rebuilds or child is a rebuilder 

Nwakpezie. May child settle the case

Nwude. Child of wealth 

Nwabuzọ. Child comes first 

Nwama. Child knows 

Nwamkpa. A child in need

Nwanne. One's sibling 

Nwamadụ. One's child 

Nwamebe. A child should do

Nwataanayọeze. The child prayed for to God

Nwaeze. King's child

Nwanozie. May child stay

Nwagọzie. May child be a source of blessing

Nwawelugo. A child that has value

Nwaka. Child is the greatest

Nwanganga. Child of pride

Nwamdị. May my child remain

Nwanọchie. A child that replace another

Nwaanyịoma. Good woman

Nwajiakụ. A child that holds wealth

Nwajiobi. Child sustains the lineage

Nwala. A child belonging to the gods of the land

Nwajiagụ. A child that holds leopard 

Nwajide. Child holds

Nwajiọha. A child that holds all. A child that is people's inspiration

Nwajideakụ. A child that holds wealth

Nwammaọha. A child that knows all

Nwajindụ. Child holds life

Nwaja. God's child

Nwaaja. Child offered as sacrifice

Nwajiụlọ. Child holds the family

Nwangene. Child from ngene goddess

Nwankwọ. A male child born on Nkwọ market day

Nwanọsike. My child will remain in health and stay with me

Nnanyerugo. Father gives fame

Nwaekerendụ. A child marked for life

Nwokocha. A white child

Nwamgba. A child that wrestle

Nwankiti. Ordinary child

Nwaeke. A male child born in Eke market day

Nwafọ. A child born on Afọ market day

Nwaorie. A child born on Orie market day

Nwadịnsọ. A scared child

Nwamgbeke. A female child born on Eke market day

Nwamgbafọ. A female child born on Afọ market day

Nwamgbori. A female child born on Orie market day

Nwoke. Man

Nwokeji. Man holds

Nwaosisi. A child dedicated to a tree

Nwajiọfọ. A child that holds truth and justice

Nwobodo. A community child

Nwaọra. People's child

Nwanyịbụakụ. A female child is wealth

Nwasinobichi. Child hails from God

Nwaogwugwu. A child of ogwugwu deity

Nwabụonyinye. Child is gift

Nwamarake. A well created child

Nwatụegwu. Fearless child

Nwakannaya/Nwakannịa . A child greater than his father

Nwagụ. Lion's child

Nwaovuaku. A child with wealth

Nzubechi. God's plan 

Nzemeka. There is joy when one is making progress 

Nze. Brave one 

Nzelibe. Be mindful of people's wiles

Okoroji. Strong man 

Okenwa. Great child

Okwunna. Father's word

Okechukwu. God's word

Okwudiri. May trouble locate the one that looks for it

Okechi. Great God

Okenta. Little portion

Okechukwu. God's own

Ọlamma. Beautiful lady

Ọlaedo. A female name meaning beautiful gold.

Ọrụọma/Ọrụọmachi. God's good work

Onyinye/Onyinyechukwu. Gift/God's Gift

Onyeka. Who is greater than God

Onyinyechukwunyereonyinye. The gift God gave Gift

Onyenwe. Who owns

Onyemma. A good person

Onyejekwu. Who will speak

Onyema. Who knows

Onyekwere. One who agrees his God will agree

Onyedịka. Who is like God

Onyedikachi. Who is like God

Onyekachi. Who is greater than God

Onyemauche. Who knows the mind

Onyemaechi. Who knows tomorrow

Onyejiụba. Who is a custodian of prosperity

Onyejiakụ. Who is a custodian of wealth

Ọnwụ. Death

Ọnwụma. Death knows

Ọnụma. Wrath

Ọnwụzulike. May death rest from killing

Ọnwụchedo. May death protect

Ọnwụegbu. May death not kill

Ọnwụegbuna. May death not kill

Ọnwụmere. Death caused it

Obinna. God's heart

Obiọra. A child desired by all

Obiọma. Good heart

Obi. King, heart, the home of the head of the family

Obieleanya. The heart that is looked upon

Obiajụlụ. The heart is at peace

Obiagụ. Lion's heart

Ọbịageli/Ọbịageliakụ . A female child born in time of abundance. A child born to enjoy wealth

Obiakọ. The Heart is unknown

Obiamaka. Cheerful heart

Ọbịanuju. A female child born into wealth

Obidi. Royalty has been in existence

Obidike. Brave heart

Obiefuna. May my lineage not go into existence

Obieze. God's heart

Obijiakụ. A home filled with wealth

Obinwanne. Affection for one's sibling or relation

Obodozie. Fertile land

Ọbụnikem. Not by my power

Ọbụnike. Not by power

Obiesie. The heart has been strengthned for the challenge of life

Obisike. The heart is strengthned

Obiego. Desire for money

Obiji. Home of yam

Obizuluike. May the heart rest

Ọbụmnaeme. It's not by my making that good things are happening with me

Ọcheagụ. One that protects the lion

Ochendo. One that shields his people

Ochemba. One that shields his people

Ọchịabụụtọ. Laughter is not love

Odera. What is predistined will surly come to pass

Ọdimegwu. A feared person

Odenigbo. One known beyond his community

Ọdịnakachi/Ọdịnaka. It is in God's hand

Odogwu. A great/successful one

Ọdụnna. Last born in the family

Ọdụnze. Elephant's tusk

Odumejeje. My indispensable campanion

Ofili. A child whose arrival has strengthned his parents

Ọfọ. A staff of truth and justice

Ọfọdum. Truth and justice guides me

Ọfọma. Justice and truth knows

Ọfọmata. Let justice and truth prevail

Ọfọbuike. Truth, justice and uprightness is strength

Ọfọbuikem. Truth, justice, and uprightness are my strength

Ọfọegbu. Truth and justice will not kill

Ọfọegbunam. May being truthful and upright not cause my death

Ọgaranya. Wealthy person

Ọgadịmma. It shall be well

Ogbonna/ogbonnịa . A male child who is his father's namesake.

Ọgọnna/Ọgọnnịa. Father's kindness

Ọgọchukwu. God's kindness

Ọgọdịmma. Kindness is good

Ogechi/Ogochukwu. God's time

Ogbuehi. One who slaughters cow

Ogbuagụ. One that kills leopard

Ogechikamma. God's time is the best

Ọgụ. War

Ọgụdike. War of the mighty

Ọgụgụọ. A consoler

Ọgụnna. Father's war

Ọgụejiọfọ. A justified battle. A battle fought with peace and justice

Ọgụnọ/Ọgụlọ. Household fight

Ọgụchi. God's battle

Ọhammadụdike. Someone's fan or follower is his strength

Ọhanigbo. A famous people

Ọhaeto. One praise by his people

Ọhadike. The community is strong

Ọhammadụ. A community of people

Ọjị. A great person. An iroko tree

Ojemba. A traveler

Ọjịugo. One that holds the eagle

Ojimba. One that holds the community

Ojukwu. A distinct and scared palm tree.

Okonji. A dark complexioned person

Okonkwo. A male child born on Nkwọ market day

Okafọ. A child born on Afọ market day

Okoye. A child born on Orie/Oye market day

Okosisi. A mighty tree or a mighty man that shield his people

Olisa. God

Ọdịụkọnamba. The rare type. One in a million.

Osinachi. From God

Olisaemeka. God has done well

Olisaamaka. God is good

Ọlụchukwu. God's work

Ọlụebube. Glorious work

Ọnụchukwu. God's mouth

Ọnụọha. One who speaks for his community. May unpleasant words from people not affect me

Ọnwa. Moon

Ọnwụamaeze. Death kills both kings

Ọnwụatuegwu. Death is fearless

Ọnwụebuka. Death is big

Ọnwụemeka. Death has tired

Onwbiko. Death please

Ọnwụasọanya. Death has no prejudice

Ọnwụjiụba. Death is preventing prosperity

Ọnwụnze. The death of the noble

Onyedike. Who is strong enough

Onyedum. Who is leading me

Onyeemenanjọ. No one should do evil

Ọzọemena. May another evil not happen

Oziọma. Good news

Ozurumba. The calamity is universal

Ozuluonye. Who is without a problem

Ralụchukwu. Leave everything to God

Rịọchi. Ask God

Sọchima. Only God knows

Sọchikamma. Only God is Good or It is only God I know

Sọmadịna. May I not live alone

Sinachi. From God

Soludo. Follow peace

Sobechi. Follow God

Soochi. Follow God

Somtochi. Join me to praise God

Sọmma. So beautiful

Toochi. Praise God

Tobechi. Praise God

Toonna. Praise God

Toolisa. Praise God

Ugo. A dignified fellow,

Ugochi. God's glory

Ugomma. A glorified beauty. An elegant and beautiful child

Ugochukwu. God's glory

Ugochukwunyerem/Ugochinyerem. The glory God gives me

Ugochinyelu. The glory God gives

Ugosinachi. Glory is from God

Ugochituberem. The glory God bestowed on me

Ugegbeoyibo. English mirror. The reflection of something new

Ugonna. Father's pride

Ugonnịa. Father's pride

Ugolọma. A handsome man

Ugomba. The glory of his people

Ugonne. Mother's pride

Ugonnie. Mother's pride

Ugonwa. Eagle's child

Ugoyibo. A light skin girl

Ụgụrụ. Harmattan. A restless one

Ụba. Wealth

Ụbasinachi. Wealth is from God

Ụgaliebunam. May poverty not kill me

Ụgbọbuakụ. A carrier of wealth

Ụbabuko (ụba bụ nko). People's wealth make them proud

Ụbaezue. Wealth is completed

Ụbakamma. Wealth is the best

Ubanị. The wealth of the land or nation

Ụbasie. A wealthy and famous person

Ụbọchiọma . A good and happy day

Uche. Mind, will

Uchechi/Uchechukwu. God's will

Ucheọma. Good mind/good will

Uchenna. Father's mind

Uchegbu. Thought does not kill

Ude. Fame

Udechukwu. God's fame

Udeakụ. The fame of wealth

Udeanị. Earth fame

Udechi. God's fame

Udenna. Father's fame

Udenwa. Child's fame

Udoka. Peace is the best

Ugwu. Hill

Ugwù. Respect/honour

Ugwumba. People's honour

Ụkwụọma. The fortunate one

Ugwunze. Noble hill

Uju. Abundance

Ujunwa. The abundance of children

Ụkaamaka. Dialogue is good

Ụkaọma. Good dialogue

Ụkọchukwu. Bishop

Ụkpabi. Supreme God

Udekwe. Fame has accepted to locate me

Ụlọma. A happy home

Ulimma. A beautiful dark skin girl

Urunwa. Child bearing comes with benefit

Ume. Child mortality

Ụmaị. A person of character

Ụmụnna. Kinsmen

Urenwa. Child bearing gives joy

Ụwa. World

Ụwadimma. The world is good

Ụwaekwe. The world agrees

Ụwazuruike. May the world rest

Ụzọ. Entrance/way

Uchendụ. Thought about life

Uchejimba. Having one mind holds the community together

Ụzọakụ. Way to wealth

Ụzọchukwu/Ụzọchi. God's way

Ụzọdịmma. The way is good

Ụzọejinwa. The road does not stop a child from coming

Yọọchi. Beg God

Yọọbaolisa. Beg God

Zinachi. From God

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