Apa Ti Jabo Lyrics By Olamide

Apa Ti Jabo Lyrics By Olamide 

Ladies and gentlemen

The boy olamide is on the building

Coded tunez gat our back on dis

Id cabasa....!

Olamide is the same

With the everyday people

The difference between me

And niggas is simple

They've got talent

So dey talent showcasing

Me I'm talent hustling

More money chasing wa shere

I let my talent go showcase itself

Niggas talking shit about me like

Who u be self

Before you find out make I tell you myself

So you no go shout

When you see skeleton in my shelf

Me I'm a murderer

Now you've been told but

Ma so fun anybody that is the code

Emi lomo 24 hours on the road

I'm young but I'm ready

I ain't scared I'm bold

Keke won fe kolu trailer

So fun won ko ya

I spit fire like sango oko oya

Mo ti lu won pa

Ki won to lo pe eni ma ba won koya

Send me a call me back then I'mma call ya

No I'm not god I'm still right here

Warri boyz dem say I enter class die here

That means I'm good to go oh yeah

Awon omo butter

Now won ko mi je bi cartiair

Those boys wey dey form say

Dem mighty

Anu won shey mi bi haiti

Y'all keep doing it wrong

I'll do the right thing

And for every spoken word

There's a writing

I don spoil na who you know wey fit fix me

Abeg na wey the doctor

Wey you know wey fit treat me

I no be tape so no dj fit mix me

Even if I be drum cabasa no fit beat me

Eni ti o gbese ron yin

Shey eje le fin sun

Time ti emi fin sise

Ni time ti eyin fin sun

E le fi sean john jean we evisu

I'm doing good not coz

I wanna impress you

Holla baby it's ola baby

Pleased to play the few dem ma

Baller baby

Sure you can talk

I'm from the gutter baby

But I'm so fly like shawn carter

Baby let's go

How far oga ade wobi

O ja si make I tell you how e go be

I wanna start making flows

Ti to n heal

Let the street just making

Some flows ti to real

Awon si emi nibo oga won da

Awa o ba won beef a o ba won ja

Apa ti jabo o Jesu apa won da

Olamide o da you're a murderer

Swagga ti o bad

Swagga ti o expensive

Swagga to swagga to


Swagga ti o common

Omolomo larin ero ki lo n se

O fe fi swag se won lese

My swag is so expensive

From Lagos to johzy

Dem dey look for my photocopy

But dem no see

Swagga mi para

Bi awon omo orita posi

Like aids is real fake e osi

Jor o omo idile amoye ge so

Omomo luku baba gbeji

Ni mo di mosan

Emi omo oniru n fa

Iwo no n fa kilo ba de

Eni ti o n se omo oniru

Lo ma ja mo lowo gbabe

Free me if you gat a cam

You can view me it is still me

Den you can't get to know but

To feel me

Omolomo wo bi o se n pe flows ranse

Omolomo ki lo fi yi won ose

I'm a killer boy yeah that's

For realla boy

I got flows sounding na milla

Mira boy

As I dey pass in dey passa

I jazz in the jazza

Dey ask me how I dey do am

But I can't shout

Ah I just puff like diddy

Coz oyinbo o san owo agidi

I keep it simple like abidi

But awon eleyi a run e bi tanfirin

I'm so focused like BD

I swag like hov like missy I spit it

Hagh in your face spits that's me

Dem say bariga boy no fit rap I did it

Na me you still within

O l a all the way from lagos city

Tell ma boy bigi but

Now area dating

Your boy holding down

Repping bari g baby

See dem cops dem full everywhere

When dem see this dude

Dem begin to dey fear

But this young dude

No dey look uche face

Oju lo sesi, no be say e dey craze

Now lets go

It's so hell every day

You can't stop me from

Making moves eyin keh

Truly uche na my guy but hey

I do swags coz

I no dey look uche face

No be sey its a play

Apa ti jabo o Jesu

Apa ti jabo o Jesu

Apa ti jabo o Jesu

Apa ti jabo o o o

Apa ti jabo o Jesu

Apa ti jabo o Jesu

Apa ti jabo o Jesu

Apa ti jabo o o o