Gone Hard Lyrics By Yan Yan

Gone Hard Lyrics By Yan Yan

I'm sorry if I make money frown face

Why they all wanting a package

Why ti esè complain? I'm not perfect na

Se anybody perfect sha?

Gbogbo won ma gbagbe

Sapa dey won ma find way

Them never tell you pe owo lo se koko

Owo lo se goal goal

Owo lo ń cho

Owo lo ogo

Olowo lo ń dege pose

Na money get toto

Sebi na who fine dey snap photo

Omoba oto lońso eni tò yo loń jo azonto

What can fa !?

Naming ceremony in my compound

And I wasn't invited

Who does that?

Some say am a bad influence

No bad songs, you a menace to the


Who talk am ?

Mio wabi wa lodge ma expect pe ma

check out Baba Let's be guided

Like we no day send them he who

snitch is a bitch

Na why me no day rep them

No cap Kosi fila gungun

If na rap my hood go carry me winning

Over 2.5

I been dey drop bars like mi abaga


Mori bus Naira Marley mo tag

Badoo de tini punchline omakin jawo


Mode ya fi ibile cap chai

Na who day wuge for where me I dey

Kin fi mnatter e pass time ninu track

Jen fi won catch cruise

Sun segbe kan yanyan Nbo

When am coming you move

Woni wo man ju ada won lo mogo so

So giran abotin wo jet li ju

Bazuka todun meji gbau

Alagbara lon manje

Secure the bag make you secure


Ti eti e bajabo Kosi jesu tomale

Oboi Joke apart Bobo wetin day pa

Lai gba wire Them say awa olori day

cash out

Them day for dagba day fresh

Them pend us for here, Make there

papa day face the sapa

One day the Shayo go clear for our face

Na that time the yawa go gas

When the bushmeat go turn back to

the hunter

Oko lasan lama fi bayin ja

Ogbeni no joy in the city

Boy just day kwana day vex

Our head don day mamba

Tobo tawa ba wo bank

Ema lowa surprise pe owo ti building

lama gbe japa

E no go good if we loose our cool

U no see the goons for my back way

day boost

Wonma figo ko for sell si e loju

Tawon temi oba ti ri eje

Inu won okin dun

No more how far nigboro Na how long

Na why just I dey my dey to avoid see


No go day call me your brother

When you day gbadun you no hit my

kapal digit

Moban se soft evangelist

Malo ma wyn cesari

Obsv yen she koko my N****

Shora fun ore tofi iwajo Judasi

Np Np shodamo toba ri

You no sabi Foreign, Tijani you no know


Any base wey we agama, Mosquito

pass we go shell am na Unlawful


No be for here go front

Na lce dem dey burn

Egbe boys no go wère wère

Na Colos dem dey puff

Money stop shit money stop nonsense

You don't know talika ni le aye masu

Forget the rainbow way dey that your


Ti orun ba pa e asiri make up matu

Kudi Na you boss pass Shay make

drop hand

Ego after you na you

Aje wa file temi se ibugbe

We self don see awagan ti fori laku

We no need referee for this match way

we day

Tori kowun to blow awon omo oro ti


Opelope oyinbo lara awon boys

God bless my maga

More funds to yankee

Lojo pay day apo Merin makun


N***** go day happy

Fo papidin ki swinol malo lowkey

Kama wokan pelu skuchi to chill

Everywhere stew nothing spoil we go


We go ball till we off

I go put my phone for Do Not Disturb

Dajupa yen sure

No more lapping in my bus

Who I no sabi may him drop

E no go pain you no be my fault

Cause na me know as everything Dey