On GHAD Lyrics By Yan Yan & Debby Sugar

On GHAD Lyrics By Yan Yan & Debby Sugar

Ah Sugar sugar

Any way any way

Is a mafvcking way man

Na money make unaware picture dope

To cut the long story short

There's no way am letting go

Challenges am ready for

Making preparations I've got bigger

moves am hoping for

Like...All the time on vacation

Me and my goons s mi been killing


Greater Heights am waiting for

T know it comes with conditions

Every time am chasing bulks

Problems am always running from

Any corner lan gboriwo

Oro owO mo kan ba ori so

Congratulation's the only word timo fe

ma fi eti gbo

This I told jehovah

Lai lai mi o le ba won suffer

Mose jama jama steady grinding

Emi o le sore sapa

Forward ever

Backward never

I'll never take a step back

Everyday turn Christmas for my side

Why I go dey wait December

Baba I want to bam ba i wan dey chill

Awon big boys o lori mefa

Emi gan fe order

Inside life

Omo meta nu Maybach

Ton fi idi lasan jo cassanover

Bad Boys for Life

Oshaamo pe

All work and no play makes Jack a



To all those N***** wey dey grind yeh

(My fellow brothers in the trenches)

I feel your pains and all the muscle wey

you devote to this hustle..that

struggle I see say you dey try yeh

Days we see morning food chop

But ti ale is on God yeh, (but right now

esa lo ba de)

I've got this Money on my mind and

I've Got my Eyes on the fucking price

that's a fact

always Focusing on the Bags yeh!

Kin to bere si ni ma bo

Jekin ko ko appreciate

Opor ti gba be soda ti won le ever


Am thankful for the gift of life hustle

o she fa ra wey

Oro de por tin ma fi mu le mo ma je ko


Ayi mo ye ikan ti ojuri eyi ti Enu ole so

Life is beyond my imagination lenu

werey ko

Go hardor you go homepada mi o le


Ikan tin Mon le shi por oro aponle ni mi

o le gbo

Tori mo mo Oye site ti mo bomb in

Kin Tori clients ti mo nurse

Stay woke 24/7 gbadura ki maye malo


Steady granding i no Dey dull

Ino like stress I wan Dey ball

Won music is not my call

gbenu sonu you're not my God

Con when I sleep | still Dey see

Call my gees then no Dey pick

Won mo bi Mon Shey survive won sha

mo bi Omo oro Shen live

Plenty luxury's am craving for

Popo keep on chasing us

Ke mi shati ra na lo

A lot of things am praying for

To all my n***** wey Dey grind eh

I feel your pain you dey try ehh

Olorun wa you know God Dey

lgot my eyes on the bag and the price

To all my n***** wey Dey grind eh

Steady hustle you gat pay day

Jaye loh lale Friday

Gbomo meji, Amaka Ekaite

The young shall grow but what is it gon

look like without this cheddar

Life without raba

No brr you tell me I need some answers

Make doe stay fly always thanking God

for long lives

If you're alive and doing better Many

died while chasing muller

Those days yeah l can remember

Days when Garri was my favorite

Omo iyami is raising shoulders

Just because of $100

Climb up finish carry ladder

Laugh my fucking ass out

Nobody's behaving normal

All of us is now taking oja

Some said I couldn't do it

But fuck yeah I did it

Like a movie o njo bi film trick loju awon

on olote

We winning

They freaking

They never for once believed me

But that's a pity

Cause Now the shit is on repeat

everyone dey dance the rythms

And where're those haters who said

back then that they cant do better

Bad belle yen da eni ko bota kowa gbe

baba ga

Cause this boys are taking over

Can I hear you saying Gon Hard

Hashtag Debby sugar Omo yen para

Jam e le na banga

To all my n***** wey Dey grind eh

l feel your pain you dey try ehh

Igot my eyes on the bag and the price

To all my n***** wey Dey grind eh

Olorun wa you know God Dey

Steady hustle you gat pay day

Jaye loh lale Friday

Gbomo meji,Amaka Ekaite..