Speed (Freestyle) Lyrics By Yan Yan

Speed (Freestyle) Lyrics By Yan Yan 

Oti ye eh...

Any way any way is a mafucking way


Mighty men entertainment

Green light geng geng

Green light geng shit

Less opportunities and option

Life really sucks for real my brother

I'm not lucky I make my own luck

See my country where I came from

nobody really gives a fuck, you

starving ? That sound like a you


Yea l'm watching my back same time

still facing my front the only thing you

can trust is that you really can't trust,

to those who hating on us, I say the

joke is on you all, won't stop giving yOu

more topics to debate on

Through the ups and downsi get my

heads up

Why does this people feel less


They said that shit is my own cross

Young n**** getting some racks now

they want some, but want n**** end up


So many battle fought but no loss

It was a great storm, but thanks to God

Sunlight then came fort

Respectfully I'm my own boss

One love to all my gees who kept it real

right from day 1

Just so you know I'm the latest

The vibes you All be waiting, most

wanted FUto those who underrated.

This music thing l'm dedicated for real |

can't be jaded or exhausted I'm fucking

gonna gbeyindebe

'm from the street now I feed the street

Till eternity my traffic light gonna keep

beeping green

Bitch on my dick like it's a fucking beat

Shit easy like an ABD

Ijudge this like it's chemistry

Amugbele wonn sofocate

Eleyi o n shey ere omode, no be play

Who wait make Uche rub him face

We came to stay

Awa ti gbe eni de

So fun awon ase ninule ki won Gba


Tori o ba Ewu de

Some say na race

Awon kan sa relay

Won feh moh bashe shey

We say na grace awon kan wa mistake

Half of my community know my name

l'm off the stage


We getting paid, here comes the fame

You fucking for who you fucking with

the devil

Rap wa ti Lekan sii me and my OGs

Om a different level

Ko need kin bo ewu I should know you

came to wrestle

Sha ma woju cause no lgboro na royal


Woni iwo yoh tan

On wa bekunbekun

Wo egbe nii isheju isheju

Omo iya scars

No one is ready to save you

Won ma pe e nii ode oponu afofun


Osafere lasan

Won ma change table people dey


Lyrically l'm capable for sure l'm


Awon temi ni every corner, yaba shita

lor sii Akerele

Won ba ni ikorodu wonu begger

Igbe ika lon je nii akala fans yapa won

poh yama yama tii tii de agege

Ogbele mo mu maga mo nohke

Sha cartoon Hennessy wole pelu ina

kan Pere

Opg baba kese kese

Yanyan pawon tan pawontan

Leyin tii kms ti shewon leshe...