Intro Lyrics By Olamide feat. Do2DTun

Intro Lyrics By Olamide feat. Do2DTun

The street king ain't back

Cause he was never gone

You can call it a take over

But let his will be done

Yesterday gave birth to the beauty and the beast

His rapsody lo jeki awon fans ki ori won ki o ma wu bi pe won fa yeast

Now the time has come

Some say Olamide took to blow

Arghhh, arghhh

But you shouldn't forget the fact

That he also made the world go down low

Now the street got your back

Like dey are your backbone

And the street won't give up on you

Because you're the heir to the throne

Awon to rap nkan lana

It's not because of what God gave to their hands

But made the revolution that gave lease to the brain

This is your light

And the pathway in which shows

So no come dey form baba for aye come dey denge pose

Aropin ni ti eniyan

Nibo lo fi ti Oluwa mi si

You know we ain't started

Not to talk of being over

You came and became the voice of the street

Call it the take over

It's the most play Aka Do2Dtun

You can only pick in us

You know that

Only as always said by me

When are you 'bout

When are you about to drop it

Arghhh, Olamide is ready, so is the street, it is take over

Fuck it, he is the baddest guy ever liveth

Au revoir...