Parcel (Skit) Lyrics By Phyno feat. ChiGurl

Parcel (Skit) Lyrics By Phyno feat. ChiGurl

Ladies and gentlemen

Boys and girls

This your girl again


The one and only

Im just sitting here thinking about what

Money, they say that money answereth all things

And somebody also said that

Igba ego nkiti ie zuzue

Peoples, boys and girls

Im advising you

Please don't let ego zuzue n'aka gi

Just don't gba it nkiti

Don't ignore money

If you ignore money

It will mess up

It will misbehave

Spend the money if you have it

Nne especially that one inside the parcel

You know parcel ba

When it comes like this a big block of wad

Fresh money, youll be doing crem crem crem

Like chips

That kind of money when it fall on your face

You won't even have rashes

Because the money is fresh

From the vaultage of the bank

Im just thinking here to my self

Nna if only I can get that kind of ehn

You know crispy money

To be felled upon me like rain

I won't allow it to zuzuie n'akam

You understand

Anama gba egom nkiti

Che, parcel

Anyway sha so im just here oh

Im even thinking of a song about it self

Its one kind mi badisaha

Parcel, parcel money is the best

Parcel money is the best for you

As its falling on your face

And its doing crem crem like chips

Parcel money is the best for you

Oh parcel money is the best for you

I wish somebody will just take this this thing

And just run with it

God forbid that I will ever ignore money

Because it will not misbehave in my hand

I will spend it

The money will ask me aunty how far

You understand, heh

Anyway let me continue my dreaming

Ill talk to you people later

Ngwa take care of yourself

Its your girl again the one and only chigurl

Ngwa byeee........!