Skit Lyrics By Olamide feat. Ketchup

Skit Lyrics By Olamide feat. Ketchup

Are you people recording me

Record me naa


Because olamide oap listen listen am calling into this radio station with my credit

See because olamide sing yemi my lover

Im con sing durosoke ajebo and turn up you people think he's the best okwaya

You see in nnewe here we don't care ohh

If you know ofado if you know Vybz Kartel if you varakado I don't care

You cannot come and take over everybody here

Other rappers are worried they are very worried

You know if I call into any radio station and you play olamide

Maka chukwu I swear to God imhay fay mey gi it's not nice ohh

Olamide just come from no were imham nelay

See let me tell you ehhn emmmu emmmu

It is emm isieuw a di efuefu ni mofe olamide is the head of the goat that will not loss in the soup you know so right now I want you to play me any song 

olamide ejwusoke take it up bring it down take it outside anywhere you want to go lets go, lets Olamide bagwuo ohh nha na amu

Ota lets go naa...