Pablo Lyrics By Corizo feat. Dre


Pablo Lyrics By Corizo feat. Dre

I come in peace, violence nor go solve nothing

I beg you with Ebenezer,you can't kill a messager

Pablo you can't kill a messagerrr

El fucking

Dre kill dem for me

nor put me for bandage, cos you get the power nor mean say I nor get courage

just try to dim,I might make it out this bandage

the train i dey on mind

you dey think say you dey savage

the small things I dey manage,with package

you lost already

I don't need to fight,you've done your worst already

you cam have the light

I'm on my own p

you think say you be police

you can never hold me

Pablo s#ck your own d#ck

big boys don't cry,na water na dey me eye

big boys don cry,na water

Sha na you be Pablo,greet you epa domor

my girlfriend na your girlfriend we got a lot in common

love me as I sit don for years I don dey chest billing

and on a nor guy man I nor suppose dey catch feelings

I dey her sight dey wait,the three trip of sand and on a norm I nor suppose dey throw feeling

you just dey gathch my bitch nor go explode her..