Deaf Lyrics By Eva Alordiah

Deaf Lyrics By Eva Alordiah

Hold up.....!

Hold up don't tell me shit

Hmm hmm

Gray Jon'z


Hold up, don't tell me shit

Where were you when they started shit

When the pillow for the head was a pile of bricks

And I had no dough for the bread

So I never eat

Ah hold up, don't tell me shit

I don't care about your bag of tricks

Go run while you sucking this



They say I gotta think about the restart

Get a choc boy pass that kit-kat

But a bitch like me don't need that

My shit hot, believe that

Why You gotta be on my biz every time am stressed

Nine to fivе while you passing the time

Do what you do, keep my ass on thе line

I'll be over the moon cause my star is gotta shine

While you taking still shots from my D cups

I flip flop

Imma hip hop ah

See them trynna get low

And the beat stops in time

Goes tick tuck for my g-shock

Please don't try to waste my time with your shit

Don't try to me how to handle my biz

Gat no patience for your longest pitch

Cause while you trynna to land, I'll be over the sea


I don't care how you do your shit

I'm just sad

Cause you sure don't do it like this

So what you saying

I don't think that you really know

Wa n bi na

Do you know me

Am the one like the two fronting

Please tell me what you're doing for me

Now Hold on, hold on


Mi fun won leti

Mi fun won leti

Mi fun won leti

Hold on, hold on


Mi fun won leti

Mi fun won leti

Mi fun won leti

You tryna thrill with your hands

Tryna shake us

Why it is

Tell us all about your advance and your figures

Now you gotta have an opinion

How I gotta do this I gotta do that

You think of this whole fact and I flow chart

Turns out am the new kid and you're the cool cat


Why you all up in my base all up in my base

When you see me take a picture cheese

Take a picture cheese

Tell me how you have a lot of things

Have a lot of things

That you wanna tell me

Nigga please

Another nigga please

What you think I rap for

To push a rav-4 Coming through the front Just to take the back door

I've had enough patience

Do you think I gat more

Just to get up the score

Put my pedal to the floor