Intro Lyrics By 2Face Idibia

Intro Lyrics By 2Face Idibia

Ah-ah, yes-oh, yes-oh, nothing dey happen

Yes, my people, yes

My name is MC Akatuah, we are here at the Chijioma's palace

And ehm, yes, is a great show tonight

And we are going to be thrilling with you eh

Enough artist in the house tonight

Yes, nothing dey happen, nothing dey happen

And right here, right now, we have this

Very, very, erm, a young talented artist

He has gone far and wide, and eh

You know, we are trying to introduce to you here, ehm

Oh boy, oh boy, wetin be, wetin be the artist name?

Wetin be the artist name? (Na 2face, na 2face, 2face) oh

Ehen, yes, yes, 2face, 2face Idibia, right here today

Yes, yes, yes, yes, 2face, welcome to the show

Welcome to the show

Eh yeah, yeah, yeah, one love my people

Men, nothing dey happen as MC talk

Yes, my name na 2face Idibia, you know

And I get better things to talk about

Nothing dey happen

Just catch the vibe, get the feeling

Feel free all my African queens, men

Nothing dey happen, ehn

We are together, nothing dey happen

Alright men, feel me flow, men

Nobody holy pass oh

Nfana ibaga for this place!