No Excuses Lyrics By Chop Life Crew x EESKAY and MOJO AF

No Excuses Lyrics By Chop Life Crew x EESKAY and MOJO AF

Before boys started pushing this p

Me and my guys we been taking it p

I don't fall flat

Every time my guns always been ready to pee

I'm pissed off, it's preposterous

They want me to let a pagan clear a path for us

At what part did he plan with us

Abeg shift, he don't want war with us

He in soup if he let me spice up his corridors

If he let me whip this left wrist like Curry does

At that very moment, yeah, he knew he fucked up

Before we could solve it

He was already worked up

The way they go do man

He would wish he locked up

Six feet deep, it was a very long shot

Man barely got any options

All I can hear is man talking like they was school kids

Don't give no one flowers, hear it from my two lips

I was stuck in a corner, couldn't do shit

Till I rolled me a six twice, like my deuces

Got a couple screws loose

Can I use it to hold the game together

So we can last forever

Maybe I'm way too advanced for my class

That's why I sit in the back while my dawgs dey attack

And it's a loss for the acting

And a win for the practice

And I'm active and packing

DMX how my guns they be barking

Wait, shey hin go really pull shirt

Whent it gets active

Shey hin go really do that

If not, he go need to move back

I might just do a litmus test

I wanna know what a nigga put first

(Oh Lord)

(I want everybody fucking outside)

Òke nì natural habitat

Yeezy no be just normal addidas

Even when feliz no dey navidad

Ayé mi ni natural lavida-loca

Coca ina the bars

Na multinational army slaps

Ogo mi natural ati swag, na the fact

Blowing natural sativa

Energy pọ, enemy mọ

Ko ma ni si ayé ni cemetery mọ

By any means owo ni remedy

Mojo ni ẹlẹmi

Ọrẹ tó di enemy pọ

Pepper the world

Be like Pele with ball

I be Pele in form

I been tell 'em before

My hip hop dey sell, my weed just dey smell

Some dey fear to put am for mouth like it fell on the floor (yeah)

I be àgbàlagbà

Enter any club, ball ibracadabra

The ìràpadà from ika àgbà

Fa ni ta gbangba gba

Kori gwara gwara

Money no change me

Na me change money to naira

Spray my people when they dey gbẹ sẹ gbe body to naira

Na me get the verses we dey make gbedu to vibrant

Alagbara make these people ma sọ mi di tyrant

Fine boy, na who broke dey wowo

Na good smoke tori more than two times dey nornor

I use choke hold the game

I do smoke eiyan na

I do smoke MC's pass sensi wey dey for raw

Doings choke plenty pass dirty wey dey for floor for market

Mo gba wọ inu net, kon ṣe shot on target

I no fit shop for Target

I no fit sleep till I off only fuck butter girls

The street Woli

Sweet Poli bi ṣe n fa lọ mo ṣin preach, ko mean

Na God made, if man bake am, no be sin to me

I burn jays and drop paper when I see police

Mi o ni clitoris

Leggedis ti di Lexus because he blessed us

The energy's been infectious f'orin lecture

Lo gbogbo rejection fún ginger to tension

Òke nì direction

Wọlé bi injection.....