Pears & Mangos Lyrics By GMK & P.S. 4080

Pears & Mangos Lyrics By GMK & P.S. 4080

All I have is love for you

That is why,

I flew in LA to Congo

On my way to play my bongo

With this lady who will comfort me

Squeeze juices, pear and mango 

Now or never

I'm here forever

If you will promise me

Then we will be together 

Like pears and mangos

(Pear and me mango)

Pears and mangos

(Watch her peel up me mango)

Like pears and mangos

Like pears and mangos

In the light when we fight 

In the darkness we bright 

But they never got us 

So we fight till we right 

in the place with no lights 

Now they pester for us

So i got five charters 

twenty in the back and shorty do the one for the rocks 

Two tanks a rocket 

still couldn't stop us 

Party on a beach. With a bitch. With a body so pompous 

if the money keep calling. You know I might build a fotress

Move in the city we slow I pray to God that the whole team gon prosper

Santino be coming for all y'all. Rastafari the monster 

Do this for days in the trap house when I only had pasta. 

They coming for Santi but my demons are gnarly...