Jowo Lyrics By Runda

Jowo Lyrics By Runda

S.O on the beat

For you, I love to sing on

Make you no tell sey I no fit get some, ah

Another time when you try me

Feelings be gone (be gone)

Make you no clear me sey I no fit take some, girl

Cuz every time be you drive me crazy

All the things that you tell me lately

Make a man dey wonder wetin dey happen

I no mind, you're my type

Any how spark up my life

Oh yeah, what do you mind, my shawty

Oh my baby jo o, jowo

Look into my eyes o baby, jowo

Could you be my pride o baby, jowo

Yeh, yeh, oh-ooh-oh

Omoge ragabomi (jo o) jowo

Look into my eyes o baby ye, jowo

I no fit deny your love, yeh, eh, huh-huh

My baby jo jowo, jo jowo

My baby jo jowo, jowo

S.O on the beat!