Temilade Interlude

Temilade Interlude

So I thought, hmm okay

So everybody was like, Oh, another boy is coming

So I kept on telling them, "This is a girl"

So why on earth can you be so sure? Ahan what's that rubbish?

Yes she said, This is a girl, her name is Témìládè

Don't forget the name I told you and she's a special baby

So I kept on telling everybody

They kept on laughing, Yeah yeah yeah

All those, Yo maybe you had a dream about it Abi?

Eh, it most unlikely

Nobody can tell anybody's, you know

Eh, whether it's a baby girl or boy

I just kept telling them that God told me

This is a girl and her name is Témìládè

You can't just pick a name for yourself, families give names

Well, I don't know, but I know that her name is Témìládè, sha!