Chocolate City Cypher Lyrics By Chocolate City Ft. Blaqbonez, Ice Prince, AQ, Loose Kaynon, Jesse Jagz & M.I Abaga

Chocolate City Cypher Lyrics By Chocolate City Ft. Blaqbonez, Ice Prince, AQ, Loose Kaynon, Jesse Jagz & M.I Abaga

Blaqbonez Barz:

yeah yeahh 

riding for my door from a start

this basic principal

rest of y'all pitiful

Hush Puppy I'm interpol

talking to you Twitter trolls

I'm not trying to be condescending my nigga

I'm just speaking from the Pinnacle

every second is billable

a ship is Unsinkable

2023 whip the evidence is clear

but yours is inadmissible

I'm a 6ft skinny boy

I'm and ... dat shii can get physical

better than black that's fictional

Nigga who lied to you

that's kind of typical of yes man's delusional

me and stupid not mixable

all my niggas got something upstairs

Not a Bungalow

every single move is another play for the envelope

never settle for less

I'm not trying to stay afloat

I'm really trying to buy a boat

Jeff Bezos in 6 months

that's a slender hope

if you're not feeling me

that you take away your right to vote


the disrespect man it's forgivable

Jesus said turn your left cheek

y know it's biblical

that's what I told your girl last week

when we was frictional

I don't do back and forth with no chick

unless Arena though

I could lose every point

but you know I'm going serve

the charm is irresistible

couple bags no fundable

Emeka must shine

not tribalistic it's traditional

social engineering got me feeling like I'm back in school

Mr Gbadebo look at me I'm unapproachable

I this rapper for like 5 years

don't get no ideas go conversation

I will be there

that's what you guys fear

y'all niggas want hits

It's really go to a Miss

I'm way too versatile quietly making hella moves

they gave me an in universe

that's hella rude

my only celebrity crush is Mega good

I'm kidding there's a ton of beauts, ton of bad bitches

Ton of bad biiiiiiiiiishhhhhesss!

A ton of ........

AQ Barz:

Hip hop is 50 that's golden

I'm still here it's Gods engineering

I got two here three coming

Rose from the concrete in September

I shed a few tears

I've been blessed forever

before I grew beards they too scared

back in C City I was the bag boy for a few years

now this City Boys is at the helm of affairs

it's a new year 

running hip up fuck your rap link

I'm on some soft thighs 

she's nasty, nastier than Nasty C's top five

I see the greatest is debated if it's not I, what a surprise

I'm someway on the beach watching the sunrise

tell me what's the upside when publishing is sinking us

diamond in the rough but sharp enough to 

get your princess cut

study my prophecies, my lyrics are now my doctrines

young soldier of the Lord, the YSL is on my stock jeans

truly humble under God this young thug 

is going to judge him

turn the Gunna in your crew to a gunner 

like the sports team

shots ring, hands all over you like a touch screen

from dust you came from dust back to the dust bin

you rappers are disgusting

tell me something more compelling than walking up to me hands open like Jude Bellingham uhh

don't let them gas you

I'm Noble but I'm unstable out of my elements still shaking up periodic tables

created the system you're just files in the folder

and when I feel like folding I hold my composure

that's pep talk 

Lexus came with police escorts

standing on business if it's business homey let's talk

anything else don't get a response I just press pause

why the fuck am I here I got meetings with investors 

I'm ghost!

Loose Kaynon Barz:

look reds like Bigfoot here's another one

stand cool like an island so I don't bother none

do business by the cold I treat my niggas like my mother son

they want to get the team back together go on another run

now I'm living different a babysit in the whip

an accountant on the team he's babysit in the splits

you can catch me on the beach chair lazy sip in the sprits

but don't boost me the call I'm crazy spitting this shit

so here goes you bunch of weirdos look the part

But you some scarecrow cosplaying a giant this niggas wear stilettos 

I don't do verbals just pay attention homie

There's levels I stay behind the scene pulling the strings

I'm shapedo,you rocking shit in the same spot but you got motion?

I laugh it off cuz I know better

Yeah you need promotion 

you ain't fooling nobody plus you ain't pulling no bodies

All that killing niggas in your verse we ain't see no bodies

Every day I leave my enemies pipe dream i bet

Your favorite rapper sell his soul so just to switch places

I'm still spitting pen flooded with rinsin my pockets favors pounds over naira

It’s a bit racist! so what we have here a bunch of wannabes

I got d Rolly on my wrist so you want one of these 

don't you?

jump out the window

Won’t you I know my smile provoke you go ahead now stop on Faking

I take them shots why don't you

My OG told me you ain't easy to like so they pretend to be your friend

Cuz you ain't easy to fight it's all right see heavy is the head and my neck hurts

You focus on the best first I'm trying to flip my network 

aiming higher than messages

P then to man built like me rarer than Le is ours

It's lyrical genius how pressure this vows turn them to Diamonds

Yeah you welcome the pleasure is ours..

Ice Prince Barz:


when I first test the mic I was in jss1 mind me records from Heavy D and krs1

Doctors call me a rapper from the day I was born I came outta my mama womb talking like j electron

I mean cold blood with a mean face had this rappers ate like a girl with a thin waist

Swimming with the sharks don't know how to sedem taste me

I grew up in the city where you know the machines blaze! Cocky with it!

I ain't stopping it when I caught the trigger I'm on my Fire and Ice they call me Godzilla

I do all my albums with no fucking fillers I just tell the truth

Nothing made up no concealers 

so tell them that we back in the booth when CHOC boys commute

You know the beat is in soup i mean

I got to keep props to choc City since 2007 the family stuck with me

Jesse Jagz Barz:

no need to introduce myself

First I choose myself then I used myself two decades ago I reproduced myself

choc city was the keys but I produced myself 

hip hop is the build and I am the foundations

Communications caught off online around stations 

choc boys fully prepared the crown station

Jesus has returned Skies open the ground shaking 

I levitate on ink niggas think I'm a ghost

Stay a mile from the shore we let them swim for the boat

Now this is a toast to the king of the coast now niggas fuck the script we never sing to the notes

Big up truck city IC niggas that's where the science be extraordinary leader a legend in my Society

Finally my niggas is pumped fuck sobriety looking for something higher 

see something that will inspire me

Blessing to the nation the patience the dedication 

all my people is here for celebration

I show you the beginning and end the Revelation 

these are the 48 Laws to preparation

Oh my niggas we bought the Federation the lyricism will inform a generation

20 something years in the game that shit ain't new to me

I walk through the game with that diplomatic Community

MI Abaga Barz:

rest in peace mohbad welcome back all ours

back all ours i squat for road like make i do the shit for the streets

reported live and correct for be like white journalist

i be the highest night you know how high dollar is

pound for p still the mj 100% check the roots of this shit

i'm the kunta kente

check the genesis i'm adam i'm the block

i'm the new dekembe root flow i spit some rudimentary

i spit that shit that hit you hard and get you to comprende

i seen it all ain't nothing new to sensei

the hip hop superintending 

eventually transcended to a god

a lot of done it really well but ain't no niggas been this

hard lyric ma grande like maryland and odumodu men dey 

you too weak for this walk 

you be like 10 days my spirit pure getting

better i'm mature like some whiskey in a glen case

wo! and this is how it sounds when you the template

when god gave me this flow he said forget about the

return date nowadays i'm working so jtown can reach

miami and taraba reach gidali 

we go get that gradu that's on god's name

i know i wear ghost but i'm into technic 

niggas camp there and show dem

i'm doing large things yep things i

never even post you say seeing is believing you you

dey see the holy ghost the hater is negligable to see

through hip-hop music is the voice of got to lead the

people many evil 

sons of achan are hating and they follow

shatan go check in joshua chapter 7 

i'm acting brand new

might time to mavin but ch c ins still the haven 20 years

later and it's like he did something amazing this for

jeremiah gang who laid the paving for jimmy jags ice bal price

noah for dice milly ck lamber ruby vicky koka for

young john black bonez dj k street billy and candy

bleaks ruby loose critical classic major asia aniq

and this for everybody rapping i pray you all be topping

and shots with the tracks you dro and popping like you

sh poppy and any rapper chopping come to the

hip hop event we got you we believe you die we know

they doubt you we sef dey plug artist to 

we did share palliative over

here and the vibe is so native over here 

everybody is a king making loot 

how the six best rappers from the

same fucking crew what you niggas going to do my nigga

this a legacy this was all built on rap let's not

forget to say hip hop we thank you for being a

foundation from chocolate city to all of our fans you

are amazing thank you 

yo so abi chi made the call he

know we don't want to do ciphers no more but we had

to do this one for history 

50 years of hip-hop 20

years of chocolate city 

the indomitable indestructible force 

we love you to our fans we love

you to our haters!