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GOtv Nigeria Problems And Solution + Customer Care Numbers & Email Address 

GOtv is a digital pay TV offering on the Digital Terrestrial

Television platform,its services is provided by the subscriber management company called MultiChoice.

There are millions of GOtv subscribers and users in Nigeria.

As a GOtv subscriber in Nigeria you might be experiencing some GOtv problems such as GOtv missing channels settings,GOtv decoder not booting,or not receiving network.

In this post we shall take a look at some of the common GOtv problems and quick solution,at the end of this post we will also include the customer care numbers and details of GOtv customer case in case you want to complain directly to the company.

DStv Nigeria Problems And Solution

Q: How Do I Pay For My GOtv?


  • (a) You can pay online via Quickteller,PAGA e-Pay,Eazy Money,eTranzact,GlobalPAY,PayU
  • (b) You can also pay through banks such as Stanbic mobile,FCMB Bank,Zenith bank,PAGA mobile,Konga,Baxi Box.
Q: I'm Experiencing An E0-16 Error On My GOtv Decoder,The decoder Is Not Enabled For This Channel,For Further Help Go To Channel 99?


  • (a) Your GOtv account has been temporary suspended because of late payment of subscription fees,visit the nearest GOtv office near you to make payment.

Q: How Do I Check The Date Of Disconnection On My GOtv?


  • (a) To check you date of disconnection, Text "due"+your IUC number & send to 4688. Example:- due+2004322666 to 4688.
  • (b) If you are not indebted,Text "Reset+IUC number" to 4688

Q: Activated GOtv Decoder Is Showing E-017 Error In Other Stations Except Channel 99?


  • (a) Select channel 4 (Afmag Yoruba),send a text in this format (reset,(space) then ur iuc number) to 4688 while your decoder is on. Example: reset 2016123456 to 4688

Q: My GOtv Decoder Is Not Working,The Green Light On The Decoder & Remote Comes On Without Response?

  • (a) Press P+ and P- simultaneously, you will get a prompt...Press 'OK' and you are done.


Q: My GOtv Decoder Keeps On Searching For 'Decoder Update' With A Green & Red Light Showing On My Decoder?


  • (a) Allow your decoder to download/update for at least twenty-five minutes.

Q: How Do I Subscribe My GOtv Using An ATM Machine,I Don’t Want To Go To A GOtv Shop?

  • (a) Go to the nearest ATM machine, input your details, go to 'OTHERS' put in your 'IUC Number' and follow the prompt.

Q: After Upgrading My GOtv,More Than 24 Channels Are Missing?


  • (a) All you have to do is to scan your decoder and all the channels will return,to scan your decoder follow the instructions below:-
  • Press Menu
  • Go to Advanced Options
  • Go to Installations

  • Go to Automatic Scan
  • After wards all the channels will be restored.

Q: Help! I Mistakenly Funded Another Account,The IUC Number Was Wrong?

  • (a) Send an email to with your payment details and a valid ID card for assistance.

Q: How To Manually Clear A Box Of Message On My GOtv Screen Without Using A Remote Control?


  • (a) Restart your decoder as you can only exit a page with your remote control.

Q: How Do I Clear An E16 Error On My GOtv?


  • (a) Dial *288# on your MTN or Airtel line to clear your E16 error

Q: How Do I Get Information About GOtv Accredited Dealers In Nigeria?


  • (a) Send an email to for assistance.

Q: How Do I Clear GOtv Error Codes?


  • (a) To clear error codes send RESET+IUC to 4688.

Q: How Do I Pay For My GOtv Directly From My Bank?

  • (a) You can pay for your GOtv directly from your bank account,just dial *389*9*IUC# and *737*IUC# for GTBank customers only or log on to

Q: GOtv Decoder Is Showing Black And White Color Instead Of colored?

  • (a) Check and make sure that your AV cables are properly screwed in to your decoder and TV.
  • (b) Check your television settings also make sure that your TV is not faulty.
  • (c) If problem persists then visit any GOtv office nearest to you.

Q: How To Reactivate My Account After Making Payment?

  • (a) Check your GOtv account details and clear error messages online by logging on to

Q: I Upgraded My GOtv Bouquet But It's Still Showing The Old Bouquet Channels?

  • (a) Scroll to installation
  • (b) Click OK
  • (c) Select Reset and click OK

Q: How To Check My Gotv Expiry Date?

  • (a) To check due date,sms DUE+IUC to 4688.
Q: Help, All My GOtv Channels Are Not Showing?

  • (a) Confirm your signal strength and quality,if it's low,try adjusting your antenna.
  • (b) Check for any loose cable,from the power source,plug back the cable back on the RF-IN then plug in your decoder.
  • (c) Press the info button,then press 7 on your remote control,the decoder will re-scan and channels will be restored.

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Q: GOtv Customer Care Numbers & Email Address?

(a) You can contact GOtv customer care unit on the following numbers:-

  • 01-2703232
  • 08039003788
  • 08149860333
  • 07080630333
  • 09090630333

(b) You can also reach out to GOtv service team on Twitter @GOtvNg and get a fast response.
(c) You can email GOtv Nigeria at


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