Top Ten Poorest States In Nigeria

Nigeria is a country blessed with natural resources,

but it still remains one of the poorest
countries in the world,this post contains the Top Ten poorest states in Nigeria

The poverty scourge is felt more in some states in Nigeria,the truth still remains that most Nigerian states are poor and are not able to provide for its inhabitants.

The United Nations Global multi dimensional poverty index published a report based on the poverty rate of 
Nigerian states and it shows Nigerian northern states as being most impoverished states in Nigeria basically due to illiteracy, and high rate of child birth in the region.

Top Ten Poorest States In Nigeria

1. Zamfara State 91.9% 

Zamfara holds the title of being the poorest state in Nigeria with a 91.9% out of 100% poverty rate. 

Zamfara is a state located in northwestern Nigeria. Its capital is Gusau,Zamfara was formerly a part of Sokoto State.

Quick Facts About Zamfara State

  • Created on 1 October 1996 from Sokoto state.
  • Population of About 3 million people.
  • Predominantly inhabited by Hausa and Fulani people. 

 2. Yobe State 90.2% 

The second most impoverished state in Nigeria is Yobe state with a 90.2% out of 100%.

Yobe is located in Northeast Nigeria with its capital called Damaturu. 

Quick Facts About Yobe State

  • A mainly agricultural state. 
  • Created in 1991 from Borno State. 
  • Also known as the Pride of the Sahel.
  • Yobe is home to almost 3million Nothern Nigerians.
  • Yobe state is mostly dry throughout the year.
  • Yobe state has one of the largest cattle markets in West Africa, located in Potiskum.
  • Predominantly Muslim with a valid Sharia law.
  • No Roman Catholic diocese has its seat in the state 

 3. Jigawa State 88.4%

The third poorest state in Nigeria with an 88.4% out of 100 % is Jigawa state.

Located in the north western part of the country. This state is mostly inhabited by the Hausa and Fulani.

Quick Facts About Jigawa State

  • Predominantly Muslims and practice Islam.
  • Home to about 3.6 million Nothern Nigerians.
  • High fertility rate of about 6.2 children per woman. 
  • 90% of the entire state is predominantly rural. 
  • Its capital city is called Dutse. 

4. Bauchi State 86.6%

Coming in closely at number four is Bauchi located in the nothern part of Nigeria with an astonishing 86.6% poverty rate.

It is the fourth poorest state in Nigeria. Its capital is called Bauchi. 

Quick Facts About Bauchi State

  • Also known as the Pearl of Tourism.
  • Created in 1976.
  • Population of about 4.6 million.
  • Predominantly inhabited by Hausa speaking muslims.
5. Kebbi State 86.0% 

Following in closely with an 86.0% poverty rate is Kebbi state also known as the land of equity and also another Muslim nothern state.

Quick Facts About Kebbi State 

  • Its Capital city is called Birnin Kebbi.
  • Created out of Sokoto state in 1991.
  • Has a population of about 3.6 Million.
  • It is home to one of Nigeria's most sophisticated airports and is expected to help to boost the state’s economy.
  • Mainly occupied by Hausa people.
  • The people of Kebbi are mainly Muslims who practice Islam as a religion. 

6.Sokoto State 85.3%

The sixth poorest state in Nigeria is Sokoto state with a poverty rate of 83.5% out of 100%.

It is also a nothern Nigerian state.Sokoto state has one of the harshest weather conditions in Nigeria and that has helped to impoverish its inhabitants.

Quick Facts About Sokoto

  • 80% of Sokoto is not urbanized.
  • Only 20% of Sokoto is urbanized.
  • Majority of Sokoto citizens engage in subsistence farming and do not generate enough income.
  • The harsh weather in sokoto is also a contributing factor to the wide spread poverty in that area.
  • It is located in the extreme northwest part of Nigeria.
  • Sokoto is also know as the Seat of the Caliphate.
  • Sokoto was created in 1976.
  • Its Capital city is Sokoto.
  • --
  • Has an estimated population of 4.5 million.
  • The name Sokoto originates from the local name Sakkwato which has an Arabic origin.
  • The city is predominantly Muslim.
  • The spiritual leader is known as the Sultan. 

7.Katsina State 82.2%

Katsina is a state located in North west zone of Nigeria and has a high poverty prevalence of about 82.2% out of 100%.

Quick Facts About Katsina State 

  • It is also known as the Home of Hospitality.
  • Katsina was created in 1987.
  • Its capital state is called Katsina.
  • About 3.8 Northerners live in Katsina State.
  • Katsina state is predominantly inhabited by The Muslim Hausa people/ Fulani/Hausa-Fulani. 
  • Sharia law is very valid in the state.
  • Some christian churches are sparsely located in the state. 

8.Taraba State 77.7%

Taraba is a nothern nigerian state with a 77.7% poverty prevalence. 

It is named after the Taraba River and its capital is Jalingo.

Quick Facts About Taraba State 
  • Taraba is also known as Nature's Gift to the Nation.
  • It was created in 1991.
  • Has a population of 1.4 million. 
  • The people of Taraba state engage in agriculture as its main occupation. 
  • They also engage in livestock rearing and other occupational activities such as pottery, cloth-weaving, dyeing, mat-making, carving, embroidery and blacksmithing. 

9. Gombe State 76.9% 

Gombe state is located in the North east part of Nigeria and has a poverty rate of 76.9% out of 100%. 

Quick Facts About Gombe State 
  • Gombe state is also known as Jewel in the Savannah.
  • It was created in 1996.
  • Has a population of 2.3 million.   

10.Kano State State 76.4% 

Kano State is a nigerian state located in Northern Nigeria with a poverty rate of 76.4 out of 100%. 

Quick facts Of Kano State 

  • Created in1967. 
  • The capital of Kano State is Kano. 
  • Also nicknamed as the Centre of Commerce.
  • Population of 9.3 million.
  • Mostly subsistence farmers.
  • Home to Nigeria's 2nd largest textile industry. 
Other impoverished nothern states of of honorable mention include:

  •  11. Borno - Maiduguri > 70.1%
  •  12. Niger State > 61.2% 
  •  13. Adamawa State > 59.0%