Top 10 Best Power Banks To Buy In Nigeria

Power banks has become a part of our lives here 
in Nigeria because of the erratic and unstable
power supply we experience on a daily basis. 

When it comes to power banks,Africa and Nigeria is one of the major dumping ground for different kinds and types of power banks both the genuine and fake power banks.

Since having and using a power bank is now literally indispensable because we are now addicted to our 
mobile phones and devices, Its now imperative that we buy the original and best power banks that will last us for a number of years. 

You can buy a power bank in Nigeria from any phone store or even order online from konga or jumia Nigeria.

Best Power Banks To Buy In Nigeria

No one would want to buy a power bank that will stop working after a few weeks so the question should be, what should we look out for when buying a power bank in Nigeria? 

How do we spot out the original from the fake? 
Which brand of power bank is among the best?What are the tell tale signs of a 100% fake china power bank?

Continue reading to find out.

How To Identify A Fake Power Bank In Nigeria 

Here are some of the quick ways to decipher and spot a fake power bank in Nigeria.

1. Power Bank Capacity

You should avoid any power bank written 50000mAh or 60000mAh or any high capacity,it is most likely to be a 
fake power bank that can damage your electronic device.

Most genuine power banks has a limit of about 20000 mAh.

2. No Brand Name

You will have yourself to blame if you go ahead to buy a power bank that has no brand name,with only the words 'Power Bank' written on it.  

3. Price Tag

Imagine buying a power bank of 20000 mAh for just N1,500,a genuine power bank should probably cost more don't you think so?

4. Design

Most fake power bank's come with unusual designs like 4 USB ports,solar panels,flash lights Etc

How To Spot A Genuine Power Bank

1. It usually carries a well known brand name example Romoss. 

2. The capacity written on the body,usually matches its performance.
3. It has a very solid and straight forward design,won't probably have 4 - 5 USB ports. 

4. A genuine power bank would apparently cost higher than a fake power bank.

Top 10 Best Power Banks To Buy In Nigeria 

Listed below are some of the best power banks available in the nigerian market. 

These products are most likely to serve you for a long time but you have to be careful not to buy the fake or clone products of these brands.

1. Anker Power Bank

Anker power bank is one of the best and most popular power banks available in the Nigerian market. 

Anker offers five different models of PowerCore powerbanks in 10000 mAH capacity and another five types of different PowerCore models in 20000 mAH capacity.

Anker power banks include:
  • PowerCore+ 
  • PowerCore II 

  • --
  • PowerCore 
  • Astro 
The Anker PowerCore 10000 and the latest PowerCore 20000 offer QuickCharge 3.0 superfast charging feature.

2. Romoss Power Bank

Romoss power bank is a solid power bank available in Nigeria. 
It is also rated as one of the best power bank to buy in Nigeria. 

Romoss genuine power bank series are listed below:
  • Sense 15 (15,000MAH) PREMIUM
  • Solit 3 (6,000MAH)
  • Solit 20 (20,000MAH) BLACK
  • Tribal Art Edition (WEB)
  • Sense X (QC3.0) PREMIUM
  • Solit 5 (10,000MAH)
  • Domino (10,000MAH) PREMIUM
  • New Sense 4P (10,400MAH) PREMIUM

3. Pineng Power Bank

Pineng power banks are professional genuine power bank suppliers based in Malaysia

Pineng power banks are genuine and may last for a couple of years.
Some of pineng's power bank models include:

  • PINENG PN-888 10000mAh Quick Charge 3.0 Qi Wireless Polymer Power Bank
  • PINENG PN-993 10000mAh Quick Charge 3.0   
  • PINENG PN-958 10000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank 

4. Xiaomi Power Bank

Xiaomi power bank is rated as one of the best power banks in Nigeria. This power bank is common and readily available in almost every power bank shop and phone accessories shop in Nigeria. 
There are about 15 power banks released by Xiaomi,some popular models include:
  • xiaomi power bank 20000mah
  • xiaomi power bank 10000mah
  • xiaomi power bank 16000mah
  • xiaomi power bank 10400mah
  • xiaomi power bank 20800mah
  • xiaomi power bank pro

5. Lumsing Power Bank

Lumsing power bank is one of the best and solid power bank in Nigeria. Lumsing has one of the best long lasting power bank cells available in the Nigerian market. 

Some of its model include: 
  • lumsing power bank 15000mah
  • lumsing power bank 16000mah
  • lumsing power bank 10400mah

6. Vinsic Power Bank

Vinsic specialize in the manufacture of genuine power banks, mobile solar panel, quick charger Etc.

It's one of the best power banks in the Nigerian market.
Some of vinsic popular power bank models include:
  • vinsic 20000mah
  • vinsic terminator p3
  • vinsic power bank 30000mah

7. New Age Power Bank

One of the most popular and reliable power bank is New age power bank.
It is advertised as the power bank for Nigerians.
It is also one of the most affordable genuine power bank in Nigeria.

Some of it's popular models include:
  • new age power bank 13000mah
  • new age power bank 6000mah
  • new age power bank 15600mah
  • new age power bank 8000mah

9. Samsung External Battery

Samsung mobile does not make power banks but has a product called an external battery (product EEB-EI1CBE) that has the ability to charge your phone and other devices same way a power bank does. 

10. Fil Power Bank

Fil Power Banks are suitable for most mobile phones and devices. It is very convenient to carry in your pocket or purse,it comes is various sizes,colors and capacity,some of the popular models include:
  • fil power bank 15000mah
  • fil power bank 8000mah
  • fil power bank 10000mah
  • fil power bank 6000mah
  • fil power bank 5200mah
  • fil power bank 4000mah
  • fil power bank 12000mah
Conclusively,these are some of the best power banks you can buy here in Nigeria,avoid buying any power bank with Tecno written on it,Tecno doesn't produce 

power banks,except for a few models that come with a power bank as a gift.

There has been reports of fake power banks exploding while being used,so endeavor to always go for genuine and safe power banks.


  1. Thank you for this, I bought the anker power bank

  2. I bought Dancing Dove Power Bank.

  3. How about the power bank called "Popular Energy"? I bought one of those - 50,000 mAh. One day, six months later, it just up and packed up.


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