14 Highest Paying Hot Jobs In Nigeria

A job can be described as anything a person does regularly in exchange for money.

In Nigeria there are different money making businesses and ventures that can pay you big time,apart from the regular blue collar jobs that are now diminishing,check out some of the highest paying jobs in Nigeria. 

This article contains a list of the top 14 Highest Paying Jobs In Nigeria 

14 Highest Hot Paying Jobs In Nigeria

1. Business / Entrepreneurs

A high percentage of world billionaires are business men and entrepreneurs ,most of them having to quit their regular blue collar jobs and starting up their own companies and businesses. 

Here in Nigeria,the reverse is not the case,business men and women are among the highest paid in Nigeria.

The richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote and the richest black woman in the world Folorunsho Alakija are both Nigerian business people and entrepreneurs. 

2. Petroleum Engineers

Oil company workers are some of the highest paying workers in Nigeria.

Most of these companies are multinationals and they pay their Nigerian employees standard salaries.
For a few years now,the price of oil in the global market has slumped,affecting a lot of multinational oil companies,but regardless petroleum engineers and oil workers are still well paid.  

Most engineers earn about N7 million - N15 million yearly. 

3. Church Pastor

Blessed is he that giveth!!  Nigerian pastors are laughing to the bank on a monthly basis.

Church workers,evangelists,pastors,reverend father's,bishops Etc own houses and drive choice cars.

Most of these finances come from church members and worshipers in the church that pay tithe and dues and also support the church's projects.
The richest pastor in the world is Bishop David Oyedepo and he is estimated to be worth over 150 million dollars.

4. Doctors (Surgeons And Neuro Surgeons)

Surgeons are medical doctors that specialize in carrying out delicate operations on sick patients.

Surgeons are also among the list of the top paid jobs in Nigeria because they charge hugh sums of money before they can carry out any operation.

Did I mention that their jobs are delicate and important because they help to save lives on a daily basis. 

5. Pilot

Pilots are well paid! Apart from the glaring fact that some people believe that their job is risky and shy away from the profession,pilots still smile to the bank on a daily basis.
Pilots earn about N7 to 15 million Naira yearly.

6. Bankers

Bankers are amongst the highest and well paid jobs in Nigeria. Most of these bankers earn mouth watering salaries,the only downside of this occupation is the lack of job security.

Bankers can lose their job at anytime.

7. Aeronautic Engineer

Aeronautic engineers build and service engine of aeroplanes.
However in Nigeria,they just service and maintain aircrafts.
They are also well paid because of their expertise. 

8. Telecommunication Engineer

These guys are also well paid,we live in the internet age,with all these telecommunication companies competing to be the best,telecommunication engineers are smiling to the bank on a regular basis.

Most of them work  with companies like MTN,Glo Etc 

9. Programmers 

Currently everything is literally done online,high level tech programmers earn a lot of money from their work which involves software creation,applications,website designs Etc
A good programmer will comfortably earn millions monthly without too much stress. 

10. Entertainment 

The Nigerian entertainment industry is a multi million dollar industry that generates a lot of money on a regular basis.
From movie actresses and actors to comedians and radio/Tv hosts Etc people in the entertainment industry are well paid,plus the glam and fame that comes with the job.

11. Musician

Nigerian musicians earn a lot of money these days from different endorsement deals,tours and shows.

Most of them live a flamboyant and outlandish lifestyle because of how much they earn.

Some Nigerian celebrities can charge as high as two million naira just for a few minutes performance at an event. 

12. Bloggers

Some powerful bloggers earn millions of naira monthly. 
The most successful Nigerian blogger linda Ikeji earns more than fifteen thousand dollars (5 Million Naira),drives exotic cars and lives in a mansion. 

13. Footballers

Most locally based Nigerian footballers earn a decent salary while the international and worldwide known stars earn up to 130 million Naira weekly. 

14. Lecturers 

Lecturers in Nigerian universities earn a lot of money especially those lecturing in state universities. 
Most of them get their cash from selling of compulsory text books and 'sorting' of courses,they are also among the well paid jobs in Nigeria. 

This is a quick list of some of the well paid jobs in Nigeria,if you know of a lucrative job that deserves to be on this list,go ahead and tell us in the comments section below. 


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