Italian Visa Application: How To Apply And Get Approved

Italy is an European country and part of the Schengen states,
if you plan to visit Italy,there are some quick steps and guides you should know before deciding to apply for an Italian visa. 

Before you proceed to apply for a visa,if your intention is to visit only one Schengen country and if it is Italy,then you must apply for an Italian visa at Italy Consulate General, Lagos.
But if your intention is to visit several Schengen countries and also you plan to spend more time in a particular country before visiting other countries then your required to apply for a visa at  that particular Schengen country where intend to stay longer. 

For example if you have family and close friends living in Italy and you plan on visiting other schengen countries like Germany, Greece, Hungary,Iceland Etc for a brief period of time before returning to your friends or family members in Italy,then it's imperative that you apply for a visa at the Italian consulate. 

Italian Visa Application: How To Apply And Get Approved 

The next step is for you to decided what type of visa you will be needing,generally there are two types of Italian visa namely the short term visa and the long term visa.

Under the short term visa we have the following sub classes of Visas: Business Visa,Tourist Visa,Medical Treatment Visa,Religious Purpose visa,Sport Competition Visa,Conference Visa,Study Visa and Government Delegation Visa while under the long tern visa we have the following sub 
classes of Visas: Family Reunion Visa,E.U. Citizens' Family Members Visas,Work (Independent) Visa,Re-entry Visa and Employment Visa.

You can apply for an Visa via the VFS center,only the short term visa applications are accepted as VFS center. 

If you plan to apply for a long term visa then you should apply directly at the Italian consulate located at 12 Walter Carrington Crescent V.I. Lagos.

The Italian consulate accepts applications on Wednesday and Friday From 10.00 A.M. to 01.00 P.M.

Required documentation for all Visa (Short & Long Term Visas)

  • 2 clear color copies of your passport data page.
  • Completed online visa application form with relevant checklist. 
  • Make sure you answer correctly all the questions on the visa application form,No field must be left unfilled.
  • Color copy of previous and current visas and previous Schengen visa.
  • Supporting documentation as per the relevant checklist.
  • Applicants below the age of 18 years must provide the following documents:
  • A copy of birth certificate issued by the National Population Commission
  • Letter from school stating the class attended and given permission of absence.
  • Written letter of consent from the parents of the child in form of a sworn Affidavit issued by a High Court including the parent’s identity photograph and copy of his/her passport.
  • If the child is under the sole guardianship of one of the two parents, a court order declaring full custodianship of the said parent has to be submitted.

Passport Requirements

Before applying for a Visa make sure that your passport conform with the following conditions: 
  • Minimum of 6 months validity at the time of submission.
  • Passport will require the minimum of 3 consecutive empty pages of a leaf in your passport.
  • Passport Issued date must not be up to 10 years at the time of submission.
  • Make sure that you include all other necessary documentation needed for the specific visa type your applying for. 
Visa Application Processing Time:

After submitting an application you will be notified once your passport and visa is ready for collection.

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If you submitted your application at the application center Lagos endeavor to come and pick up your passport at the same centre. 

The collection timing is 11.00AM- 4.00 PM from Monday to Friday except on public holidays. 

Make sure you visit the collection centre with the collection slip given to you at the time of submission of visa application.

Also note that you are expected to personally come and collect your passport by yourself,no agent or representative will be allowed to collect your passport on your behalf. 

After submission of your application online you can track your application online.