Top 10 Business Ideas For Nigerian Students  


Most often Nigerian students have the mind set
that they should be catered for because of the
fact that they have a lot of school work to deal with,so often most of then remain lazy and do not engage in any other side business to make money

This post contains some feasible business ideas that students can start off to make extra money and even in most cases become millionaires even before graduation. 

In most tertiary institutions in Nigeria even in some secondary schools,everything revolves around money,from buying handouts to text books Etc a
student without enough money on campus will end up frustrated,so if your planning to enter any University to study,its imperative that you also make plans for any business that will be giving you some extra cash by the side,oh yes! you should have a steady side hustle to avoid being dead broke on campus. 

I have a friend who made a lot of money when we were still living on campus,and even opened a big shop before our graduation day,her part time side hustle became her major source of wealth today.

If your one of those that want to start up a business while on campus,make sure you look for a business that is feasible,that will also give you enough time for your studies and most importantly a business that you love doing. 

I read an article online on brilliant business ideas for students,the author then mentioned 'Poultry Farming'.

Poultry farming is a lucrative business but it is not ideal for a student because poultry farming consumes time and resources,so you should probably avoid these type of "brillant suggestions".

Listed below are some feasible business ideas that you can start in your campus and make good money out of it and still have enough time for your studies. 

15 Business Ideas For Students In Nigeria

1. Student Awards

This idea can earn you a lot of money,and if properly planned and organized you might even bag a major sponsor. 

All you have to do is to meet up with your course rep or your departmental president and bring up the idea of organizing student awards for old and new students.

Start selling nomination forms and meet up with students that will be willing to take part in your event.

2. Mobile Boutique

Most of my friends made their first millions through this way,you should start off by dressing and looking good,with time other fellow students will want to know where you buy your cool stuffs from,all you have to do is to buy and sell to them from your mobile boutique and make your profit,you can even start off by delivering the items to them in their hostels or homes. 

3. Tutoring

If your book smart, then you can make money from tutoring kids at home.

Most parents are always so busy with work,most of them are always on the lookout for responsible and Intelligent university students to tutor their kids.
You can schedule to visit their homes on weekends or days when you don't have classes or lectures,an extra 30k - 50k a month from this side hustle won't be a bad idea.

4. Graphic Design

You can earn a lot of money from graphic design while still a student. 

You can design websites for your school,or for other students,also you can design banners,party flies and other advert materials that students use on campus and make a whole lot of money.

You however have to have a basic knowledge of Photoshop,Photoscape Etc

5. Freelancing 

At your spare time you can handle some freelance gig and make some extra cash.
There are a couple of freelance websites like Fiverr,elance Etc that you can make money from.

6. Branding

These days the coolest items on Nigerian campuses seem to be the customized items.

You can start a T-shirt customization business,all you have to do is to customize Tshirts,caps,trousers etc for other students and your friends. 

Customize T shirts for graduating students,new students,for parties,events Etc 

All you have to do is to advertise and get the client base then you go and find someone or a 
company that will print and customize the materials for you. 

7. Blogging

The cool fact about blogging is that you can start up a blog for free,all you need is Internet access. 

A lot of young Nigerian students actually make a lot of money from blogging,all you have to do is to think of something your passionate about,that you will like to share with others.

8. Hair dressing/ Weaving

A lot of Nigerian students ignore this business but it is still a very lucrative business for female students,currently male students are starting to venture heavily into the business in Nigeria.
Nigerian students in diaspora however are cashing in on this. During holidays they come back home to Nigeria and learn how to braid using attachment,when they travel back to europe,they start off their braiding business in their universities,they collect about 150 - 200 euros per person in europe just to braid a Nigerian hair.

There are a few Nigerian hairdressers in european cities and universities,that's why hairdressers in foreign countries earn a lot from this business.

9. Event Planner

There are so many events happening in most Nigerian schools that will need an event planner,if your a well organized person,you can start organizing events in your school and get paid for it. 

10. Party Promotion

Oh yes! College and university students like to party,if you also like to party and you have a very solid social media backing or your a popular fly guy or girl,you can start up your own party promotion business and make money out of it,and yes of course, you will also have v.i.p access to those parties and still make money out of it,cool right?
Well that's it,these are some of the Top 10 business ventures a student in Nigeria can venture into,If you have any question,comment or suggestions,use the comment box below.