Top 10 Fastest Money Making Businesses In Nigeria

Everyone in the country is now looking for a fast 
moving business venture to invest in,nobody
wants a slow,capital tieing venture,everyone wants a business that can generate quick capital within a very short period of time.

Before everyone was out looking for office jobs and white collar jobs,but it wasn't forthcoming hence people decided to invest in different businesses in other to make ends meet.
This article contains some of the fastest moving businesses that you can invest in and make money quickly. 

10 Fast Moving Money Making  Businesses In Nigeria

1. Export Business

All you have to do is to export the required product and get paid immediately. 
Export business is one of the fastest money making business venture in Nigeria.

The good aspect of this business is that you can export literally everything from Agricultural products to different mineral resources. Items like coal,bitter kola Etc are exported on a daily basis.

2. Food Crops Production

Nigerians are heavy consumers of food crops,food items like rich,frozen livestock Etc has been banned in Nigeria a couple of times.
Investing,production,manufacturing of some of these banned items that are in great demand is a very fast and quick way of making money. 

Considering the fact the demand is greater than supply. 

3. Real Estate

Real estate business is a very lucrative and fast growing business opportunity in Nigeria.

The only down part of this business is that it is capital intensive and it take time for the property to appreciate,apart from that it is a very fast moving business that generates revenue.
Buying or building of houses and shops then renting them out or selling for a fee is very profitable.

With Nigeria’s population increase people are always looking for decent housing and accommodation.

4. Security Firm

Right now they are a lot of security firms in Nigeria,and the number is increasing sporadically. 

A lot of Nigerians believe that the Nigerian Police are too corrupt,so they prefer to use the services of some specially trained security firms.

Most hotels,business organizations Etc patronize this firms,its a very profitable business venture. 

5. Maintenance Agency

Take a look at some of the dilapidated public structures scattered all over Nigeria.

Nigeria has a very poor maintenance culture.
Public facilities like parks,stadiums Etc are easily damaged and looks deserted a few years after the construction of the buildings.

No repairs or renovations are usually carried out,that is changing as there are now a good number of maintenance agencies that will take care of buildings at a stipulated fee.

Maintenance agencies / firm are in great demand because of the millions of dilapidated public and private buildings that need to be strategically renovated.

6. Waste Management

What Nigeria lack is a very efficient waste management system,in almost every nook and cranny of Nigeria,you will find used rubbish and waste. 
Setting up a proper waste management system in Nigeria is very lucrative,its one of the untapped business ideas in Nigeria with zero competition.

7. Haulage Services

The simple act of conveying and carrying items for people from one location to another has proven to be a very lucrative business.

8. Online Business

You dont not need to be physically present in America in other to carry out a business transaction with someone in Nigeria,the availability of the internet has changed that,right now transactions are carried out in real time. 
A lot of people are making money from different online 
business like freelancing,bulk sms services,database management,directory websites,online stores,web designing,mobile apps development Etc.

E-business is taking over gradually.

9. Power Generation 

Creating or selling an affordable alternative sources of power is another fast moving,money making business in Nigeria. 

Providing a cheap,affordable and reliable alternative source of electricity will fetch you millions in Nigeria. 

10. Manufacturing Industry 

Nigeria is regarded as a consumer nation,we even import some of the most basic items,but 
that is beginning to change now as some small scale manufacturers have started to source for raw materials and has started the production of items like candles,polythene bags Etc.

This business however is very lucrative as many people prefer the locally manufactured products because it is affordable and durable.


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