Nigerian Navy: Recruitment,Form & Portal

In this post,I will quickly explain to you,how you can access the
Nigerian Navy Recruitment Portal,Form and also how to check your eligibility status before enlisting with the Nigerian Navy. 

Nigerian Navy: Recruitment,Form & Portal

The Nigerian Navy is part of the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Nigerian Navy also recruits new members every year. 
Q: Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form?

In other to enlist into the Nigerian Navy you have to fill the application recruitment form,this is usually available and accessible during recruitment periods each year or subsequently released on the official Nigerian navy website which is

After the completion of the online form,you are expected to submit it,followed by a payment to be made to the Nigerian Navy at a designated bank.
All other information needed will also available on the website. 

Q: Nigerian Navy Recruitment List?

The list of successful candidates at respective stages of 
recruitment program will be released by the Nigerian Navy on its recruitment portal and in any of the national dailies.

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Q: Nigerian Navy Recruitment Eligibility?

In other to be able to apply to enlist into the Nigerian Navy,there are a number of requirements and eligibility status that must be met such as age, qualifications, height and fitness.

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Q: Nigerian Navy General Documents & Requirement? 

Some of the documents needed for recruitment include evidence of academic and professional qualifications, NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate,birth certificate or declaration of age, Parent/Guardian Consent Form,Local Government Attestation Form/Acknowledgment Form. 

However each year new documents and requirements will be advertised.