Top 10 Cheapest Best Budget Perfumes For Females In Nigeria

Have you ever been in a situation when your 
low on cash but you still desperately want 

to smell good. A lot of us has experienced being in this awkward situation,in this post are the names of some of the best perfumes you can buy in Nigeria at the lowest prices ever. 
I can comfortably tell you that sometimes the quality of a perfume does not necessarily depend on how expensive it is,because I have experienced the anguish of breaking my bank to buy an expensive perfume worth ₦38,000 but I end up being disappointed when it doesn't last long compared to the perfume of ₦1,800 that I was using,I wanted to upgrade my status but ended up disappointed. 

Listed below are some of the cheapest top 10 quality female perfumes any girl can wear in Nigeria without breaking the bank. 

Top 10 Cheapest Best Budget Perfumes For Females In Nigeria

1. Smart Collection For Women

No doubt smart collection is one of the best and affordable female perfumes in Nigeria.The collection is available for both male and female with different fragrances. 

You can buy a smart collection for women perfume for as low as ₦ 2000 Naira in Nigeria.

2. Active Woman Perfume

Chris Adams active woman perfume is one of the best budget perfumes out there for the female folks in Nigeria,the perfume brand come in different pleasant fragrances bottled in a concave shaped bottle. 

You can buy a bottle of active woman perfume for ₦ 2,800 Naira.   

3. Yves Perfume

Yves Perfume is one of the affordable designer perfumes that you can buy,the perfume has different fragrances and Colognes,Yves Zandaria costs only ₦ 2,400 Naira. 

4. Avon Perfume

Avon perfume manufacture some of the long lasting affordable perfumes,far Away by Avon is an affordable floral fragrance for women.

You can buy the 50ml bottle for as low as ₦ 2,300 Naira. 

5. Red Diamond

Red Diamond Eeu De Parfum for women is a nice and long lasting fragrance,that comes in a big 100ml for ₦ 3,000.
The perfume is also perfect for a gift.This perfume can also last for some hours when you wear it.

6. Givanas

Awoof! This perfume is not bad at all considering the fact that you get a big 100ml bottle for just ₦ 1,000!! Apart from that the perfume actually has a nice floral aroma. 

You can buy a bottle of Givanas temptation for just one thousand Naira. 

7. Passport For Love By Fragrance World

Passport For Love By Fragrance World is definitely for girls that want to smell good all day 
long without putting a hole in their pocket,for as low as ₦ 2,450 you can buy a bottle of Passport for love by fragrance world. 

8. Colour Me Perfume (Femme Gold) 

Colour me perfume is one of the affordable perfumes for females in Nigeria,wanna know how much a bottle of colour me perfume in Nigeria costs? 

A bottle of colour me perfume cost about  ₦ 2,500 - ₦ 3000,but as for Colour Me Pefume Femme Gold,a bottle of 100ml cost ₦ 2,999.

You can also check out the cost of some of the low budget perfumes for men in Nigeria.

9. Revolution

Revolution Perfume for Women 100ml has a strong scent that can last you for a couple of
 hours,Revolution Perfume For Women costs about ₦ 2,000.

10. Sivop

A bottle of Sivop Marquise Bleue Perfume 100 ml costs just ₦ 2,000,this feminine perfume is ideal for females that want to smell good without breaking the bank.