Top 10 Things Nigerians Love 

In this article we shall take a look at some of the top things that Nigerians love the most.

Yes of cause I know you already know,out of every 10 black person you see in the world one or two of them is actually a Nigerian.
Nigeria is the most populous black nation of earth with over 200 black people. 

Today as I was chilling in a lounge I thought to my self ''what do Nigerians really like?'' after enjoying my drink I decided to ask a couple of other Nigerians,I stood up and walked across to ask a couple of other Nigerians what they loved the most. 

The answers were random at first but after the interesting response I got,I was motivated to ask more people,some of the elderly ones where shy to speak to me,but I got a lot of interesting answers from the younger people,listed below are some of the top things that every Nigerian love,this is according to their response.  

Top 10 Things Every Nigerian Love

1. Good Life

Nigerians like good life,and will complain over anything that will make them uncomfortable.

2. Freebies

Ah! Nigerians are in love with anything that is free,all you have to do is to notify them about the "Awuff" or "Osho free" and watch them rush to claim their offer. 

Nigerians also love discount sales and two for the price of one offers. 

3. Party

If your party is dull all you have to do is to invite Nigerians.

Most Nigerians like to party and have fun,the Yoruba's call it ''owanbe'' while the Igbo's call it ''oringo''. 

Nigerians always find a reason to party even the most outrageous reasons,for example a Nigerian will throw a party for his/her birthday (which is acceptable), he/she will also throw the following parties: wedding party,new year party,naming ceremony, graduation party, promotion party,new car party,house warming party,burial party infact my friend once invited me for ''new week and new month party'' Nigerians just love to party. 

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4. Fashion

Shout out to all the girls that will use their last card just to buy the latest fashion item because they cannot help it. 

One of the things that Nigerians love is fashion. They like to look good rocking both the traditional and western attires. 
Every average Nigerian like to look good. 

5. Social Media

The 5th thing that Nigerians like the most is social media,infact the moment I knew that something was not right was when my parents started sending me friend requests on different social media networks. 

Currently Nigeria has the highest number of people on facebook in Africa,other social networks accessed by Nigerians include Twitter,Instagram Etc

Apart from social networks,thousands of Nigerians also use android apps such as Snap chat,WhatsApp Etc, they also visit gossip blogs and forums such as Nairaland,infact currently most Nigerians are now addicted to the Internet and social media.

6. Football / Soccer

Nigerians love football,especially the men,in Nigeria there are millions of football fans and supporters.

I once visited a family that support different teams,on the day when the the two different clubs were playing a match,it was like a war zone. 
Almost every person in Nigeria has a club that he or she is a fan of,especially clubs in the English Premier league. 

7. Cars

Nigerias love cars,in fact this is the reason why there is an influx of tokunbo and fairly used cars from different foreign countries into Nigeria.

It's in Nigeria that you will see someone that lives in a rented apartment driving a foreign car that is 10 times costlier than the rented house.

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8. Traveling

May be due to the high level of unemployment,a lot of Nigerians now travel abroad on a regular basis. 

One of the guys that spoke to me disclosed that he shuttles between London and Lagos two to three times every month. 
Apart from unemployment and some other reasons,Nigerians love to travel abroad, that is why Nigerians are literally present  in every country in the world.

9. Show Off

Most Nigerians like to show off,especially on social media,they will literally show off everything from their new car,to new job,new house even new month Etc and they won't forget to tag all their friend and add a caption such as " God Has Done It Again''. 

10. Selfie

I guess your also guilty of this too,Nigerians like to take selfie shots.

The interesting thing about taking a selfie is that literally everyone is now part of the trend,from the old to the young among millions of mobile phone users in Nigeria. 

Listed above are some of the top 10 things Nigerians love doing,what about you? What is the favorite thing you like to do? Do you know a Nigerian that is always fond of doing a particular thing?

Mbok tell us using the comment box below.