How To Register/Generate Safetoken OTP Code In Nigeria 


In this post I will show you different quick methods of generating or registering for OTP Code In Nigeria. 

You should also know that this is not specific to any bank,no matter which Nigerian commercial bank your using i.e UBA,GTBank,EcoBank,Access Bank Etc you can still use these methods to register or generate an OTP code. 

How To Register/Generate Safetoken OTP Code In Nigeria

OTP is the short name for One Time Password. It is generated by the Safetoken Service,most often OTP is also called safetoken.

OTP was put in place as a mandatory regulatory compliance by the Central Bank of Nigeria,in other to protect customers carrying out transactions on the internet,transactions such as online shopping Etc.
OTP protects your credit card while making payment on the internet,the online payment processors generate a k6-8 digit One Time Password (OTP),which will be subsequently used before the transaction will be successful. Listed below are the different methods of generating your OTP. 

1. Bank Activation 

This will be done by your Bank,your card will be linked with the account number you opened your bank account with,whenever a transaction is initiated,an OTP will be sent to you. 

2. Atm Activation 

This is done via Interswitch,the Interswitch Safetoken Service system will automatically generate an OTP,whenever a transaction is initiated via the Interswitch platform.

Before initiating this method make sure that your using the line that you used in opening your account and also has been synced with your account number. 

To generate an OTP look for any available ATM machine and follow the steps below: 

  • 1. Insert your card.
  • 2. Input your 4-digit PIN,press "Enter".
  • 3. Select your bank account type i.e Savings or Current.
  • 4. Select the "Quickteller" option from the ATM menu screen.
  • 5. Select "Pay Bills" from the Quickteller menu list on the ATM screen,then select " Others". 
  • 6. A bill payment menu option list will be displayed,enter the biller code which is "322222".
  • --
  • 7. Enter your Phone Number as the Customer Reference Number,select "Proceed".
  • 8. The ATM machine will display "Do you want to make this payment?" Amount Due: N1
  • 9. Click on "Pay amount due" dont edit the amount to be paid. 
  • 10. A confirmation page will be displayed to you on the ATM display screen indicating the registration was successful.
  • 11. Afterwards an OTP will be sent to your phone,input it into the box provided,if you don’t it will expire after 5 minutes and you will be needing a new OTP code to complete the transaction.
  • 12. If after the registration and you still do not get the OTP, then you should dial *322*0# or send an email to,

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Also Note:
  • 1. Most secure online payment platform will request for an OTP before a transaction can take place.
  • 2. OTP will help you to carry out online transactions above the default limits set by your bank.
  • 3. Most often as explained earlier,you will likely get an OTP on your registered mobile number automatically when you use your registered card for online purchases and transactions.
  • 4. Always use the number you opened your account with when making online transactions. 
  • 5. You should also take note,that the OTP is different from the token generated by the internet banking device provided by your bank for internet transfer.