Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Top 10 Best Bottled & Sachet Water Companies In Nigeria

Sachet water,pure water or bottled water is actually

a very profitable business,ever since the 
business venture was discovered in Nigeria.

There are thousands of bottled water and sachet water producers and brands in Nigeria,however there are bottled water and sachet companies in Nigeria that has been distributing and producing bottled water and sachet water for almost 40 years.
In this post we shall quickly examine some of the top 10 best water bottling and sachet waters companies in Nigeria his year.

Top 10 Best Bottled Water Companies In Nigeria

1. Swan Table Water

Swan table water is the brand name that became synonymous with bottled water in Nigeria.

The company is also one of the first brand of bottled water in Nigeria.

Spring Waters Nigeria Limited popularly known as Swan water was founded in 1981 and started commercial production of SWAN water in Nigeria.

Swan water has been in circulation in Nigeria for almost 40 years and is rated as one of the best bottled water in Nigeria.

2. Eva Table Water

Ranked at the number 2 position is Eva table water.

The bottled water is subjected to filtering and purification process before being bottled.
Eva table water is one of the best bottled water in Nigeria,the bottled water is produced and distributed by the Nigerian bottling company NBC in Lagos state.

Eva water is very popular in Nigeria and ranked as one of the best bottled water brand in Nigeria.

3. Aquafina Bottle Water

Aquafina Bottle Water is a table water that is produced by Pepsi.

The bottled water goes through a 7 step purification process and ranked as one of the best table water in Nigeria.

4. Ragolis Bottle Water

Another popular bottled water in Nigeria is ragolis bottled water. Ragolis bottled water can be found all over the Nigeria.

The bottled water is produced by the Chagoury Group,production of Ragolis kicked off in 1981 and has been in circulation for over 30 years.

The company has depots in Abuja,Port Harcourt, Enugu, Kaduna and Kano.

5. Nestle Bottle Water

Nestle is a multinational company,the company has a presence in Nigeria as nestle Nigeria Plc,the company is the producer of nestle water.

Nestle bottled water is ranked as one of the bet table water in Nigeria.

6. Aquadana Bottle Water

Aquadana bottled water is produced by Ashmina Limited which is located at Oshodi Isolo, Lagos.

The company also produce sachet water and is rated a good one of the best bottled water in Nigeria.

7.  Aqua Rapha Bottled & Sachet Water

Aqua Rapha bottled and sachet water is one of the best bottled and sachet water in Nigeria. The brand is very popular in the southeast part of Nigeria especially in Enugu state.

Aqua is a Latin word for water while Rapha is a Hebrew word for healing hence some people actually believe that the bottled and sachet water has healing properties.

8. Aquarite Table Water

Aquarite table Water is one of the best table water in Nigeria,the brand is produced by Paramount Tradings & Ind Nig Ltd.

The brand has been in circulation since year 2000 and is ranked as one of the best table water in Nigeria.

9. Cway Bottled Water

CWAY Bottled Water is produced by CWAY Nigeria limited Lagos.

10. Astral Bottled Water

The bottled water started circulation and distribution in 1999,apart from table water,the company also 
produce water dispensers that are certified by the Standard Organization of Nigeria.

Astral Bottled Water is produced by Astral waters limited Surulere Lagos Nigeria.

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