LASTMA Salary Structure

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority popularly
known as LASTMA is a Lagos state owned agency under the Lagos State Ministry of Transport. 

LASTMA was founded in 2000 with the aim of establishing a good traffic system that will reduce traffic and road accidents in the state.
In this post we are quickly going to check out how the average monthly salary of LASTMA officials.

LASTMA Salary Structure 

Q: How Much Does LASTMA Officials Earn Monthly?

The average salary earned by a traffic officer of the Lagos civil service authority Nigeria (LASTMA) is between ₦54,000 - ₦60,000 per month after tax. 

The official salary structure of LASTMA officials has not been revealed by the Lagos civil service authority.
High ranking officers of LASTMA such as the Assistant Director of operations (Ad ops) are estimated to earn more than the figure stated above. 

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  • The information on this page is subject to change,figures stated here are only estimates and not 100% accurate.
  • Figures stated here represent net total amount with tax deductions.


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