How To Use Opay Services In Nigeria 


Opay is owned by Opera Norway AS group,
the company kicked off in Nigeria back in August 2018,since then it has already processed more than 11 Billion Naira,working with over 5,000 agents

Opera was founded in the year 1995 in Norway.

We shall quickly take a look at how to download and use the Opay app in Nigeria. 

Opay Nigeria

So what actually is Opay and how can you use it? 

OPay is simply a wallet based mobile app that can be used to send and pay for bills in Nigeria. 
The App is currently available in Nigeria and Kenya. 

Opay Services - ORide(OPay,OFood)

With Opay services you can use the on-demand bike service,that is you can order for a bike and pay with Opay. 
You can also send money and request to be sent money for free,you can also buy mobile data,order for food,fund your wallet from your bank app,subscribe for GoTV,Dstv and Startimes,pay electricity bills and also fund your betting account.

Opay services works effortlessly on Android devices,however some people complain that they haven't been able to use Opay on their iPhone devices. We hope they fix this glitch soon. 

The cool thing about Opay is that you can carry out some bank transactions for free and hail motorcycles or Keke Na'pepe tricycles for as low as N50 to N100 Naira. 

Imagine paying N100 for a trip that would have cost you around N800? 

Opay is currently available in 12 Cities 
in Nigeria,these cities include:-  
  • Aba,Abeokuta,Akure,
  • Asaba,Enugu,
  • Ibadan,Ilorin,Jos,
  • Kano,Kaduna,
  • Lagos and Uyo. 
You can download the OPay app on Google Play store 

for Android users or from the iOS app store for iPhone users. 

Quick Steps On How To Download & Use Opay In Nigerian Cities 

  • 1. Visit Google Play Store or iOS app store and search for ''OPay''. 
  • 2. Download the application into your mobile phone.
  • 3. Launch the Opay app,allow or activate the setting for location. 
  • 4. Input your location which is set by default as 'Nigeria',also add your phone number. 
  • 5. Provide details such as your name,phone number,then go ahead and select a pin that you will use to access the app,you should note that your pin should be private. You will be sent a link on your WhatsApp chat asking you to finish the activation or enter an OTP code sent to your message inbox. An email verification might be needed,check your inbox. 
  • 6. After logging successfully into your Opay app,go ahead and fund your wallet in other to be able to use the app,you can fund your wallet via your bank mobile bank app or through Opay interface,click on 'balance' > 'add money to balance',go ahead and provide your credit card details,follow the prompt,afterwards your balance will reflect on the Opay app. 
  • 7. To book a Motorcycle or Tricycle popularly called Keke Na'pepe,log on to your Opay app,select 'Oride',this will bring out an interface with a map showing your balance and your current location,set your pick up location and where you would like to go on the map. 
  • 8. Automatically the OPay app will begin to search and pair you up with the closest riders around your vicinity,if the ORider accepts your booking,their details will pop up,you will see the riders name,rating and how many orders they have taken so far.
  • 9. Usually when a rider accepts your booking you will receive a call from the rider,you can also call the rider if you want to,afterwards you and the rider will confirm your current locations and exact pick up point. 
  • 10. After you have been picked up,the ORider will indicate on his app that the ride has started,your own app will automatically indicate that are en-route.
  • 11. When you arrive at your destination,your rider will end the trip,afterwards you will be shown the link to pay.
  • 12. Click on the green ''pay'' option,after payment you will be able to give the rider a rating. 

If your still finding it difficult to use Opay services in Nigerian Cities,you can contact Opay customer care at +23418888329,or simply send a tweet at @OPay_NG on Twitter. 

You can also send an email to, and describe your issue. 

Do you have any question or want to share an Opay experience with us? 
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