Top 10 Causes Of Insecurity In Nigeria: Effects And Solutions

Millions of Nigerians feel very insecure and vulnerable 
in their own country,the level of insecurity in Nigeria
has risen to an alarming level. 

In this post we will take a quick look at some of the 
causes of Insecurity in Nigeria,the effects of insecurity on the Nigerian masses and possible solutions. 

Insecurity In Nigeria: Causes,Effects And Solutions

Causes Of Insecurity In Nigeria  

1. Unemployment

The Federal government has failed in the creation of 
jobs for both graduate and non graduate citizens of Nigeria. 

Majority of unemployed Nigerian youths has taken matters into their own hands by looking for other means to make ends meet.

2. Corrupt Politicians

Nigerian politicians are rated as one of the most corrupt officials in the world,a lot of foreign investors has steered clear of Nigeria because of the level of corruption among politicians in Nigeria.
Most Nigerian politicians are only interested in enriching themselves,hence majority of the population of Nigerian youths has followed the same trend.   

3. Regional Politics

Nigeria is made up of many tribes and ethnic groups,most often Nigerian politicians play regional politics.

4. Corrupt Judicial System

A lot of Nigerians do not have trust and security in Nigeria's judicial system,they believe that anyone can buy their way out of any crime in Nigeria,this has resulted in lack of trust in the Nigerian Judicial system.

Majority of Nigerians still believe that the Nigerian judiciary system is not transparent and fair enough to protect their right and interest.

5. Porous Borders

There are over one thousand porous border that are poorly guarded. Groups from other countries gain access into Nigeria easily. 

6. Items

Due to Nigerian's porous borders,people bring in items that are not allowed in Nigeria.

7. Neglect 

Negligence of the government is also a contributing factor to the high level of insecurity in Nigeria. 

8. Bad Groups

Different bad groups also cause insecurity in Nigeria.

9. Illiteracy

The high number of illiterate people especially those living in the northern region of Nigeria is a contributing factor when it comes to the issue of insecurity in Nigeria. 

10. Security Agencies

Different security agents and services are under performing and cannot properly secure the citizens of Nigeria.
This has tremendously increased the level of insecurity in Nigeria. 

Effects & Solutions Of Insecurity In Nigeria 

The effect of the high level of insecurity in Nigeria has raised a high number of unpatriotic Nigerian youths that believe that their country Nigeria has absolutely nothing to offer them.

The only solution to insecurity in Nigeria is for the federal government to sit up and fight insecurity in Nigeria by providing jobs for her youths,fighting corruption,securing Nigeria's borders,equipping and funding of Nigeria's security agencies,educating Nigerians in the northern region of Nigeria,implementing and enforcement of strict laws,reformation of the Nigerian judicial system Etc