Top 10 Most Expensive Phones In Nigeria

In this post we will take a look at the top 10 most expensive phones in the Nigeria.
Of cause it only makes sense that some of the world's most expensive phones should also be the most expensive mobile phone in Nigeria. 

Imagine spending ₦ 342 Billion Naira just to buy a phone,sounds unbelievable right? 
Lets quickly take a look at the top 10 expensive phones in Nigeria and the world.   

Top 10 Most Expensive Phones In The Nigeria / World 

10. Vertu Signature Touch For Bentley

This phone is designed by Vertu,an European car manufacturer as the Signature Touch collection for Bentley. 

This smartphone comes with a 5.2 inches display, 64GB storage, 4 GB RAM, 21 MP rear camera and runs on Android 5.1. 

The sides of this phone is made from Titanium and is encased in quilted calf leather that gives it an expensive,exotic and luxurious look. 

The pricing for the new Vertu Signature Touch for Bentley is ₦ 3.2 Million Naira.

9. Solarin

Solarin is the 9th most expensive phone in the world,this phone was able to achieve this feat due to it's military grade security technology and powerful performance. 
Solarin mobile phone was produced by an Israeli start-up Sirin Labs. 

The Sirin Solarin smartphone come equipped with a 5.50-inch 1440x2560 display powered by octa-core processor alongside 4GB of RAM and 23.8 megapixel rear camera. 

The Sirin Solarin android phone costs ₦ 5.7 Million Naira.

8. The Savelli Champagne Diamond Smartphone

A phone that has Champagne as one of it's name is definitely supposed to be expensive don't you think so? 

The Savelli Champagne Diamond Smartphone is designed by  a swiss designer named Alessandro Savelli. 
The Savelli Phone "Champagne Diamonds" Savelli smartphone comes in an 18 carat rose gold set with 395 white and cognac diamonds.

This android device has a 32 GB memory, GSM quad band coverage, 3G compatibility and various connectivity options. 

The screen of this phone is made of sapphire crystal meaning that it is shatter-proof, the Champagne Diamond Smartphone costs ₦ 205 Million Naira. 

Imagine spending over  200 Million Naira just to buy an android phone?  and come to think of this,there are even other more expensive phones. 

7. iPhone 6S Solid 24ct Gold Edition

Designers and jewellers wasted no time in customizing it's own range of super expensive iphones. 

The iPhone 6S Solid 24ct Gold Edition costs just ₦10 Million naira.

6. iPhone Princess Plus

The iPhone Princess Plus was designed by Austrian designer Peter Aloisson. 
This smartphone comes with an 18 carat gold plated panel and bezel with 318 diamonds, of which 138 are princess cut,making it a total of 17.75 carat of diamonds in this phone. 

The iPhone Princess Plus costs ₦ 63 Million Naira.

5. iPhone 6 Amosu Call of Diamond

Another expensive iPhone studded with diamonds is the iPhone 6 Amosu Call of Diamond. 

The iPhone 6 Amosu Call of Diamond is designed by luxury designer Alexander Amosu,the phone comes in an 18 carat gold-plated body and one big diamond that is exactly cut into the shape of Apple’s logo. 

The smartphone is further beautified with 6,127 VVS1 diamonds all over the body,the name of the designer is engraved in the front. 

This phone costs just ₦ 8.4 Billion Naira.

4. iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

The iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition is a luxury device designed by Stuart Hughes. 

The bezel of this device is handmade from rose studded 500 individual flawless diamonds. The back panel is made up of rose gold dressing and the Apple logo is made up of 53 cut diamonds. 

The navigation button is made from a platinum that holds a single cut 7.4ct pink diamond. 
There is also a follow come attractive chest made up of single block of granite in imperial pink, inner lined with Nubuck top grain leather. 

Only two iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition handsets were ever made,and it costs ₦ 25 Billion Naira.

3. iPhone 4S Elite Gold Edition

Stuart hughes seems to be a master in the act of customizing luxury iphone devices,the iPhone 4S Elite Gold Edition designed by Stuart hughes is bezel handmade from rose and studded with about 500 diamonds which makeup to 100 carat. 

The back panel of the iPhone 4S Elite Gold Edition is made up of 24ct gold with the iPhone logo made up of 24ct gold and 53 individual diamonds,while the main navigation is made from gold that holds a single cut 8.6ct diamond or a 7.4ct single cut pink diamond. 

This smartphone’s chest comes with rare stones like Opal, Charoite, Rutile, Pietersite Etc
The iPhone 4S Elite Gold Edition costs ₦ 30 Billion Naira. 

2. iPhone 5 Black Diamond

Stuart Hughes customized iPhone 5 device sports a rare 26 carat black diamond,the back panel is made up of 24 carat gold dressing which is studded with 600 white diamonds with a sapphire glass set on the screen.

The iconic Apple logo at the back is stuffed with 53 cut diamonds. This phone costs ₦ 54 Billion Naira.

1. Falcon Supernova iPhone 6

The most expensive phone in Nigeria and the world is the special edition iPhone 6 made by US luxury brand Falcon. 
The phone sports a 24 carat gold with eight gems mounted on the back. This phone would cost you just ₦ 342 Billion Naira while the phone handsfree or ear piece costs ₦ 108 Million Naira.