Top 10 Quick Facts About The Hausa-Fulani Ethnic Group


The Hausa ethnic group is one of the largest
ethnic group in Africa and among the top 3 largest ethnic groups in Nigeria

Here are some of the quick facts about the Hausa-Fulani ethnic group that you should know. 

Quick Facts About The Hausa Ethnic Group

  • 1. Hausa language is the second largest language after Arabic in Nigeria.
  • 2. The Hausa's can also be found in other African countries such as Ivory Coast,Cameroon,Central African Republic,Republic of the Congo etc. 
  • 3. Traditionally Hausa people like to live in small villages,they are known to grow crops and livestock.They are predominantly muslims. 
  • 4. The oldest Hausa city in the world is located in Northern Nigeria,it is called Daura,Muhammadu Buhari is from Daura Katsina state. 
  • 5. The Hausa's has mixed with other ethnic groups such as the Yoruba of old Oyo.
  • 6. The Hausa's were once Africa's major trading powers in the 12th century,their main competitor was the Kanem-Bornu and the Mali Empire,they had interest in leather,gold,kola nuts,animal cloth,salt,hides,henna etc. 
  • 7. Islam which is the predominant language in Northern Nigeria was introduced to Nigeria in the 14th century by scholars and traders from Mali.
  • 8. The Fulani ethnic group from West Africa settled in Hausa land in the 18th Century,in Nigeria the Fulani are often referred to as the "Hausa-Fulani".
  • 9. A lot of people speak Hausa language more than any other African language. The Hausa language is used as the language at the elementary schools in Northern Nigeria. Western countries such as the UK,US and Germany offer Masters and PhD in Hausa.
  • 10. Tuwo is one of the most popular Hausa food,while Suya is the most popular Hausa food that can be found in different parts of Nigeria,the dried version of Suya is called Kilishi. 
  • 11. The Fulani tribe has produced the highest number of Nigerian presidents more than any other ethnic group in Nigeria
  • 12. Hausa-Fulani states are among the poorest states in Nigeria with a high number of illiteracy.
  • Major cities inhabited by the Hausa Fulani ethnic group in Nigeria include Gusau,Jalingo,Jebba,jos,Kaduna , Katsina,Lafia,Maiduguri,Biram,Katsina,Abuja,Bauchi,Birnin Kebbi,Damaturu,Dutse,Gombe,Makurdi,Sokoto, Suleja,Yola and Zaria.