Top 10 Facts About The Yoruba Ethnic Group


Let's quickly check out some quick facts
about the Yoruba Ethnic Group of Nigeria. 

The Yorubas are one of the 3 major ethnic group in Nigeria

Top Facts About The Yorubas

1. Majority of the Yorubas live in Nigeria 
West Africa they make up about 21% of
Nigeria's population.

2. They are one of the largest ethnic groups 
in Africa apart from Nigeria they can be found 
in other West African countries such as Ghana,
Benin,Ivory Coast,Sierra Leone etc. 

3.The Yorubas speak their native Yoruba language.

4. Lagos state which is a Yoruba city is 
one of the most populous city in Africa.

5. Yoruba are mostly Christians or Muslims.

6. The Yoruba ethnic group were one of the first
groups in West Africa to be introduced to 
Christianity by the Portuguese. 

The Igbos are predominantly Christians and the 
Hausa-Fulani are predominantly muslims.

7. Yoruba pastors are founders of large 
pentecostal churches in Nigeria and are among 
some of the richest pastors in Nigeria and Africa.

Examples of Yoruba pastors include Enoch 
Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church 
of God.

Pastor David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel,
Prophet T. B. Joshua of Synagogue Church 
of All Nations,Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain 
Assembly,William Kumuyi of Deeper Christian 
Life Ministry and Dr. Daniel Olukoya 
of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries. 

10. The Yoruba ethnic group are known to be 
among the ethnic tribe that has one of the 
highest dizygotic twinning rate in the world.

Bonus Facts:

11. Most Yorubas in Nigeria live in Ekiti,Lagos,Ogun,
Ondo,Osun,Kwara ,Oyo,Kogi and Akoko in Edo State. 

12. Outside Nigeria,Yoruba people can be found mostly in the UK,Canada,US,Cuba,Brazil,Latin America and the Caribbean