Top 10 Best Most Widely Read Daily Print Newspapers In Nigeria

Before the internet became popular in Nigeria
daily printed newspapers was the daily
source of information for millions of people.

Nigerians became addicted to newspapers and you would literally see people standing by the road side just to read and buy newspapers. 

those that can't afford to buy the paper will pay a lesser amount just to read but will not take the newspaper home. 
Fast forward to this present day where internet has made everything easy and possible,almost every major Nigerian newspaper has an online news website that you can log in and read the latest daily news. 

But despite the availability of the internet paper printed newspaper has continued to circulate in thousands and sales still continue. 

I drove into town to carry out an investigation and to find out the best newspaper in Nigeria. I found out that readers of Nigerian newspapers do not actually like any particular newspaper,however they like the content or a particular publication/ section in that newspaper.

There are over 50 Nigerian newspapers both government owned,state owned and some published by private individuals,but we have decided to countdown the Top 10 best Nigerian newspaper.

Top 10 Best Nigerian Newspapers In Nigeria

1. Vanguard Newspaper

Vanguard newspaper hit the Nigerian market in 1984 with the aim of  becoming a daily newspaper that aims to serve the people through unflinching commitment to free enterprise, the rule of law and good governance.

With a daily estimated circulation of about 135,000 newspaper copies daily across Nigeria. 

Also vanguard online newspaper receives thousands of traffic daily as is one of the top websites in Nigeria. 

2. The Guardian Newspaper

The Guardian was first published in 1983 and started off as a weekly publication on Sundays,ever since it has grown to be one of the best daily newspapers in Nigeria and is regarded by some as “Nigeria’s most respected newspaper”.

The Guardian newspaper was founded in 1983 by Alex Ibru,and Stanley Macebuh.

With the slogan ''Conscience, nurtured by truth'', Guardian Newspaper is now one of the most read and sought after newspapers in Nigeria.

3. Sun Newspaper

Sun News is a Nigerian daily print newspaper and published by the Sun Publishing Limited and published in Ikeja.
In 2003 sun newspaper started as a weekly tabloid,then it became a daily publication. 

The Soccer star and which is one of the most read sports newspaper joined the sun in 2005.

The sun newspaper has more than 42 branches across the country and is the most read paper based newspaper in Nigeria with a daily estimated circulation printout of 140,000 copies daily.

The sun newspaper has the same design and format of UK's popular newspaper the sun.
Online sun newspaper can be read at

4.The Punch Newspaper

The Punch is Nigerian daily print newspaper.

The punch was formed by James Aboderin and Sam Amuka and became the first Nigerian newspaper with a strong political affiliation and interest,that prompted the arrest of some of its editors during the military era.

Today The Punch is still one of the most read newspaper in Nigeria and reports on different topics,from politics to entertainment,lifestyle Etc

The Punch has an estimated daily circulation of about 85,000 print copies daily.

5. The Nation Online Newspaper

The Nation has become one of Nigeria's favorite online newspaper,with its head office in Abuja,the newspaper claims to stand for Freedom, Justice and the Market Economy. 
Its main target audience is the business and political elite, the affluent, the educated and the upwardly mobile.

The newspaper covers business and economy, public policies, the democratic process and institutions of democracy, sports, arts and culture.

The Nation is published in Lagos, Nigeria and has printing plants in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.

6. This Day Live Newspaper

One of the most popular newspapers in Nigeria is THISDAY newspaper.

It was established in 1995,ever since it has continued to be one of the favorite newspapers in Nigeria.

Known for its business and political reporting,the newspaper became the first Nigerian newspaper to introduce full colour paper printing.

Amidst strong competition THISDAY newspaper still remains the favorite newspaper among the business, political and diplomatic elite in Nigeria.
THISDAY newspaper is estimated to have a daily print circulation and publication of about 100,000 - 110,000 publication and annual turnover of abut $35 million dollars.

It has its headquarters in Apapa, Lagos, Lagos State.

7. Nigeria Tribune Newspaper

Established way back in 1949 and is the oldest surviving private newspaper in Nigeria. 

The Nigeria Tribune Newspaper was founded by Chief Obafemi Awolowo with the interest of catering for the interest of the common people.

The  Nigerian Tribune played an important role in defending the interests of the Yoruba people in a period when different ethnic groups were struggling for ascendancy during the colonial era.

8. National Mirror Newspaper

National Mirror newspaper was acquired in 2008 by billionaire lawyer and business man, Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim (OFR).

The National mirror is actually one of the Nigerian newspapers with a decentralized printing system.
It is printed simultaneously in 3 of the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria.
Website :

9. Leadership newspaper

The Leadership newspaper is one of the Nigerian newspapers that is published daily.

Based in Abuja and was once awarded the “Newspaper of the Year” in 2009.

10. The New Telegraph

The New Telegraph is a newspaper in Nigeria, with a circulation of up to 100,000 copies per day.This newspaper is published by Dr. Uzor Kalu.
The newspaper targets Nigerian and foreign readers in and around Nigerian urban cities with the aim to provide objective and incisive coverage of pressing political and socio-cultural issues.