Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria



In this article we will take a look at the top 10 most beautiful cities in Nigeria. 

Most often the media portray Africa and Nigeria as a very terrible place to live in,but in all honesty that is not true. 

In Africa and Nigeria there are a thousand and one beautiful cities in different locations.
Lets quickly run down the top ten most beautiful cities in Nigeria.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria

1. Abuja - F.C.T

The most beautiful city in Nigeria is the F.C.T Abuja. This city is well planned,with good 4-5 lane express roads,international shopping centers, and breath taking buildings.

Abuja is also the capital city of Nigeria.  

2. Lagos State

Lagos is the economic power house of Nigeria,this over populated city is one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria. 

Lagos is also one of the smallest states in terms of landmass,the state has a mixture of tall sky scrapers,banana island,ghettos and shanties. 

Comparatively Lagos has a good network of roads with a very exciting Night life. 

There are quite a number of malls, clubs, restaurants,bars and beaches making Lagos one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria. 

3. Enugu State

The development in coal city has been sporadic in the last few years. 

Enugu State popularly known as 042 is one of the most beautiful cities with nice topography and attractive buildings. 
Enugu also has a good road network and is not always congested like most Nigerian cities.

This quite city also has a very vibrant night life,malls and fun spots.

4. Uyo - Akwa Ibom State

During the tenure of Godswill Akpabio Uyo was given a face lift,this has earned it a spot among the top 10 most beautiful states in Nigeria.

Uyo has a well constructed and durable roads with solar street lighting system,some exotic hotels are also in Uyo,did I fail to mention the multi-billion naira ultra-modern football stadium which is the best stadium in Nigeria. 

If you are like me that love calm, serene places,then you would probably like Uyo too. 

5. Owerri - Imo State

A lot of people visit Owerri because of some of it's tourist attraction like the Oguta Lake, Ada palm plantation, Mbari cultural and art centre Etc
The city also has a very active night life with good roads too,before I forget this very important point which is that some of the most beautiful girls in Nigeria can be found in Imo State.

6. Calabar - Cross River State

Calabar used to be one of the top most beautiful state in Nigeria but for some years now it's ranking has dropped. 

Calabar became one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria that attracted tourists from the whole world when Donald Duke was the governor. 

Nevertheless the state which claims to be the ''Nations Paradise'' is still one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria. In Calabar you will be find tourist spots like the marina resort and tinapa while the popular Obudu cattle ranch is a 7 - 8 hours drive from Calabar. 
Calabar also has tasty delicacies,good roads and hosts the biggest carnival in Africa every year,the Calabar carnival.

7. Akure - Ondo State

Akure is ranked 7th among the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. The state houses various natural attractions and buildings.

Some of the state's attraction include the presence of rocks and beautiful landscapes,cocoa farms, and a deep-sea container port nearby.

If you love natural landscapes,then you should visit Akure. 

8. Port Harcourt - Rivers State

I still don't know why this state is called the Garden City,and I will still like to know because I didn't see any Gardens since ive been visiting this city,nevertheless Port Harcourt is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria with 3 star hotels,good roads and a lively night life. 

This state is also home to some of the big multinational companies in Nigeria,the only thing I don't like about this city is it's regular traffic and congestion. 

9. Warri - Delta State

Warri is also one of the states with a large amount of oil deposit,the state is also one of the most beautiful states 
in Nigeria with good roads,the only downside to this state is it's dull night life.

10. Jos City

Jos City also known as J City is one of the naturally beautiful states in Nigeria with natural landscapes,tourist spots and beautiful locations. 

Jos boasts of a number of attractions including two museums, a wildlife park and game reserve,strategic breathtaking waterfalls,hills,rocks and a serene environment


  1. You are on point, Porthacourt and Calabar are due for face lift again. The infrastructures there are obsolete.


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