Top 10 Quick Facts About Lagos State


Lagos Nigeria is one of the busiest cities in Africa,
lets quickly check out some interesting facts about the city. 

Top 10 Quick Facts About Lagos State 

  • 1. Lagos is the smallest city in Nigeria,but it's one of the most populous city in Nigeria. 
  • 2. The city would have the 5th largest economy in Africa, if it were a country. 
  • 3. The closest city to Lagos State is Ogun state,it shares a border with the Republic of Benin.
  • 4. Lagos is almost surrounded by Lagoon and creeks because its near the atlantic ocean.
  • 5. The name 'Lagos' was given by the Portuguese,before then early Aworis hunters named the city 'Eko'.Lagos State was created on the 27th of May, 1967.
  • 6. It's also called 'Lasgidi',the city that never sleeps.
  • 7. The state was once the capital state of Nigeria,before it was relocated to Abuja on the 12th of December 1991. 
  • 8. Lagos is the financial heart beat of Nigeria.
  • 9. The city is actually one of the most populated cities in Africa and the world with an estimated population of over 30 Million people,Ikeja is the state capital of Lagos State. 
  • 10. Lagos is home to the Yoruba ethnic group of Nigeria,however you can also find different ethnic groups the state especially the Igbos. Former governors of Lagos state include Bola Tinubu,Akinwunmi Ambode etc. 


One of the top International Airport in Nigeria is located in Lagos,its called the Murtala Mohammed International Airport.