Top 10 Highest Paying Odd Jobs/Businesses In Nigeria

There are some jobs that people living in Nigeria
wouldn't ordinarily accept to be doing,but due 
to the high level of unemployment,people have decided to take on some jobs that might seem odd to some people. 

In this post we are going to quickly take a look at some of the top 10 highest paying dirty odd jobs and businesses in Nigeria today. 

These odd jobs can actually generate more money than most white collar jobs

Some of the richest people in Nigeria today are entrepreneurs that invested into one or two of these odd businesses. 

Without wasting much time,let's check them out: 

Top 10 Highest Paying Odd Jobs/Businesses In Nigeria 

1. Auto Mechanic 

A lot of Nigerians actually look down of some auto mechanics and shy away from the work because of how dirty and tedious the work is,the truth however is that some of these mechanics earn more money in a month than some high placed bank executives in a Nigerian commercial bank

Nigeria has a population of over 200 million people and over 95% of the cars imported into the country are fairly used and faulty. 

Skilled Nigerian auto mechanic's are actually well patronized and they service a lot of cars,there is also no
stiff competition because a lot of people shy away from this odd job.

2. Dry Cleaning Services 

If washing another persons dirty clothes is not an odd job,then I wonder what is. 

A lot of people do not fancy the ''cleaning services business'' which is popularly known as dry cleaning business in Nigeria.

All this job entails is washing and ironing of a clients clothes and in some other cases cleaning up of their houses and offices for some fee. 

Offering dry cleaning services has made some Nigerians millionaires. 

3. Livestock Business

Livestock Business is one of the most lucrative business venture out there,as not everyone will be willing to get their hands dirty with poultry feeds and bird poop. 

Livestock business is literally the rearing of birds for money some of this birds include Chicken,Turkey Etc. This business generates a lot of revenue as Nigerians consume these birds everyday. 

4.  Shoe Maker

Some years ago,people categorized shoe makers as being among the low income earners,when you fast forward to present day Nigeria you will realize that some of these shoe makers have industrialized the business and are busy making silent millions. 
These can be seen when you travel to Aba,Abia state Nigeria,there are a lot of shoe makers and manufacturers in that state,even road side shoemaker's charge between N50 - N500 Naira to repair a shoe,but no matter how lucrative this business might be,a lot of Nigerians don't want to be referred to as a 'Shoe maker''. 

5. Food Vendor

Food vendors are commonly seen around busy Nigerian parks or any busy area with an accumulation of people. 

These supposedly odd jobs actually rack in a lot of Naira,for some people who just don't mind if the job is odd as long as it brings in the cash,while for some others it's all about appearance and hence will never condescend to take up one of these odd jobs. 

Most food vendors actually make a lot of money by selling to their customers,some of them rent a spot where they sell food while others hawk their merchandise. 
Most food vendors usually end up opening restaurants after months of taking up the business. This is one business venture that generate revenue, but is ignored by most people. 

6. Firewood Sales

I guess you never saw this coming,another odd business venture that is ranked on this list is firewood sales business.

Currently the demand for firewood is on an all time high and sellers are cashing in on it. 

The high cost of buying kerosene and gas is pushing a lot of low income earners,restaurants etc to start cooking with firewood. 

When you ask people that patronize firewood sellers,they will quickly tell you that firewood cooks faster,it's safer,easy to burn,cheaper and also makes tasty meals. 

Another great thing about this odd business is that it's not capital intensive and anyone can start the business. 

7. Farming

Farming in Nigeria is getting the attention that it deserves,and is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria. 

A lot of Nigerians however steer clear of this business because it's tedious.

Alot of younger Nigerians still see farming as an odd job even though it produces food and it's one of the most lucrative jobs in Nigeria. 

8. Car Wash 

You will get an odd stare if you tell someone that your a professional car washer. 
Millions of cars ply on the Nigerian road on a daily basis,and most often car owners are always too busy to wash their own vehicles and will require the services of professional car washers that will properly clean,wash and vaccum their cars.

Owners of car wash stations earn thousands of Naira on a daily basis.  

9. Barber & Beauty Salon

Nigerians like to look good always,opening a barbing salon or a beauty shop is another business that is very lucrative. 

Owners of these business venture has revealed that owning a salon is indeed a good business although a few Nigerians still consider this business odd. 

10. Event Planner

Event planners just like the name implies plan events for people,sometimes there are also referred to as Caterers.

Event planners organize different social events and occasions such as wedding,birthdays,naming ceremonies etc for a fee. 

Event planners earn a lot of money for organizing different gigs. Although some people categorize this job as an odd job,the fact still remain that some event planners in Nigeria earn over one million Naira within one month.    

Listed above are some of the top earning odd jobs in Nigeria,do you know of any other lucrative odd jobs in Nigeria that should make the list,tell us in the comments section below.